When Elin Met Vince…

5th June, 2017, 11:17

I realized yesterday when I went on my summer vacation that last years vacation was spent meeting my long distance boyfriend, Vince. We met virtually in the beginning of January 2017 and in June the same year we where embracing each other.

You might ask how we met and if it was an amazing first meeting? Its funny how you spend hours everyday in front of the computer to Skype and then you see each other in real life.

The flight

My mom was driving me to the airport very early that morning. I was really nervous and didn’t sleep that night. I almost felt like I was going to puke and at the same time I had small fluttering butterflies going around.

My parents was very nervous about it not going well. They kept telling me not to do stupid things and telling me he might be a murderer. That he was grooming me for months so he could kill me when I came over to England.

I wasn’t scared about being murdered, I knew he wasn’t a killer, I was scared he didn’t like me in real life. That I looked better on the computer and that I would be a disappointment.

Being all nervous I felt like I needed gum on my flight so I went to a vending machine.


Yeah, that happened. It got stuck! ugh! So I tried to by a chocolate above it to hit it down and it didn’t work. So Again I tried buying another package of gum. It worked, but now I had more things than I wanted.

I texted him all the time during my wait to board the plane.

“And I’m soooo nervous at the same time boo XD” – Vince

I was so happy he was as nervous as me. After boarding I had a 2 hours flight without talking to him. I spent it reading a book and staring at the girl next to me that was sleeping. I wasn’t staring at her but the window next to her.

The airport

When I finally landed I was very nervous. I was suppose to land around 09:35 and I did. But then I came to the security check before getting out and to get your bags.

There where 2 lines. One for people with British and EU passports. The other one was for everyone else. The second one was very long and seemed to take long time. I thought because of the Brexit I needed to go to the second lane.

After standing in the wrong lane for more than 30 min I saw people from my lane going the first lane. I told myself they was British. I was wrong. My lane was still not moving.

I tried connecting to the airport wi-fi and it didn’t work. As a timid Swede I couldn’t go under the rope and go to the other lane. But I also started to get nervous Vince wasn’t going to wait forever.

I took a deep breath and hoped no one was looking at me and went under the rope and went to the other lane. In 10 minutes I was with the security check..

I half run through the long corridor and to the bag carousel, paranoid I was to late to find it. Much to my fright I couldn’t find the bag. After starting to hyper ventilate I saw someone put it to the side of the carousel.

Our first physical hello

After getting my bad I went through the two big doors hoping to see him there, standing with open arms. I didn’t!

I ran around the room looking everywhere and he was nowhere to find. I started thinking he maybe never came to get me? Maybe this was just a big prank?

Paranoid as I am, I almost started crying. Again I tried to connect to the wi-fi to be able to call my dad and ask him to get me home. Feeling stupid for being tricked like this.

When my phone finally connected Vince messages and tries to call came in. In a second of me seeing them he called again. I answered sad and in hope for an explanation.

“Where are you?” – Vince

Vince was as scared and paranoid as me thinking I tricked him to take a bus to London and then never going on the plane. I landed 9:35 and it was now minutes over 11. I was late because of the stupid mistake of the second security lane.

I remember his question and all I could say was:

“Something red!” -Elin

Yes, I saw a red cafe and that was all I could say. He laughed and said everything in England is Red and it wasn’t a big help. I laughed back and tried to see something that could help more when suddenly someone hugged me tight from the behind.

He smelled of a very musk and manly perfume but also a bit of sweat. He was shaking, I tried to hold my tears back and we was finally together.

After seeing his face and that wonderful nervous smile of his, everything I felt. All my nervous thoughts just washed away. Suddenly I just felt, comfortable. Like I was finally home.

I cant explain the feeling because I have never felt it before. But I have never felt so safe and secure as when I’m with him.

This summer he lives in Sweden with me. We have started our life together and remembering this time makes me so happy. Going to see him changed my life forever to the better.

He is the best thing that have ever happened to me.



27 thoughts on “When Elin Met Vince…

  1. A Vintage Athenian says:

    This was an amazing post and truly brought tears to my eyes. You managed to bring some wonderful memories to me. Congratulations! I truly wish you will both be always happy!

    Liked by 1 person

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