Summer bucket list

I have decided not to plan my summer, at all. I know big chock for people who know me. I can be a bit of a control freak and hate not having a plan. My dad raised me to always be 5 steps ahead.

At the same time I haven’t had time to relax for at least 5-6 years. I have plans, ideas and things I “need” to do. I always get a lot done but when I come back to work I’m still tired. Just like when I left.

I have 4 weeks now and my idea is to take every day as it comes. I will do what makes me happy, I will sleep in, I will eat when and what I want. No need to stress to much.

But I also have things I kinda want to do, when and if I do them I won’t plan though. After my 4 weeks I will go through what I had time to do and what I did instead.


  • Upload a blog post 3 Times a week.
  • Write some posts for a blog bank. A bank to take posts from when I haven’t had time or ideas enough to come up with a blog post.
  • Start writing novels again, it’s time to start again Elin.

Relationship, friends and family

  • I want to do things with Vince; go to Liseberg (Amusement park) and a Zoo. Maybe even go on a mini trip to Germany or Denmark.
  • I want to see my friends in my home town. At this moment I live 4 hours away from everyone and I just want to see them for a cup of tea. And finally introducing Vince for them.
  • I also want to meet my two brothers and their girlfriends plus kids. Just spend as much time with everyone as I can.

  • Reading

    • I want to start reading more, outside of my work as a librarian.
    • I want to read 2 books at least.


    • Sew 2 skirts for the autumn
    • Sew 2 different kind of dresses.

    I don’t really have that many things that I really want to do. It’s mostly being social with people close to me.

    what are some things on your summer bucket list? πŸ˜€


    15 thoughts on “Summer bucket list

    1. SewStrawberrySweet says:

      Great bucket list! I’d love to go to Germany too. I have a friend that’s moving there and it’d be great to know someone there when I go. I want to make some skirts for autumn too. Its the best season for fashion I think. So many great colors and you can layer up. 😁

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      • Elin's Era says:

        It really is πŸ™‚ i love the autumn ^^ i have started on a skirt already ^^ i do 360 full skirts. Fun to swing around in xD i live Germany ^^ im 1/4 german so we go there around 2-3 Times a year πŸ˜€ have a wonderful day ❀️

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    2. Milky says:

      Hi Elin!
      Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog β™₯ I can tell that we have a lot in common–especially a love for vintage things!–so I hope that we can become friends~

      What a great bucket list! I hope you have many exciting adventures with your friends and family. I look forward to seeing your latest sewing creations~! ^^ What sort of dresses are you planning to make~?

      Here in America we’re having a record-breaking heatwave, so my biggest plan is to stay cool, LOL. :p
      Have a fantastic day! β™₯

      – Milky

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