DIY Eyeshadow Fail!

I haven’t written much lately because of some curve balls. My car broke down and then Vince and I had some trouble that now have been sorted. Being in a long distance relationship with someone is amazing and we got the chance of living together in the same country so we took it. He moved here. Leaving your whole life behind you and start a new one with work can be tough. Especially when you don’t know Swedish. So Vince started feeling like it would be better to leave me than to stay. That he was a freeloader and that i deserved better.

I believe in us though! I believe he will find work soon and if not we might just have to leave Sweden and try England. I think he been trying so hard by himself and not letting me help him.

Your struggle don’t end just because you are together. Everyone really do need to fight sometimes.

But to another ball: I wrote this story down a while back and thought it could be fun to share it here with you.



When I was around the age of 12 all my classmate went into the trend of having edible make-up. Lip-gloss that tasted like cherry or coca cola. Then they also started using erasers that had this specific smell. I think I had a friend who had an eraser that both looked like and smelled like a pineapple. It was both weird and confusing times.

As the 12-year-old I was I didn’t let this affect me and my view on make-up (for you don’t know I started using make-up this year, I’m soon 26 and just started…. indeed, I’m a slow learner). But for some reason I still felt like I wanted to try make-up out, I mean it was such a big talker at school. But I couldn’t tell my parents that I wanted any off this and I didn’t have money myself. So, I decided I would try to make make-up myself with things I had at home, because how could that fail?

One thing I new was important was the smell, it had to smell good. Then you needed some kind of color. From everything I could choose from when it comes to make-up I thought eye shadow was the easiest to make. I had gotten the cherry flavored lip-gloss as a kid and I didn’t use it as a lip-gloss but as a dessert. It tasted good but fuck up my stomach the day after. Today my relationship with cherry is very bad.

But eye shadow felt like something even I could do. So, I got myself the two things I needed, color and smell. It couldn’t be harder than to just blend these two. So, for color I took my neon green crayon. I didn’t have much to crush the crayon with and I couldn’t ask my mom for the pestle so I used my nails to make smaller chunks of the crayon. I couldn’t make them to small so they were kind of big chunks. After this I needed something liquid that both smelled good and could make the crayon easy to apply.

I found my perfume, it both smelled good and was liquid. I started to spray this into the bowl of big chunks of crayon. Then I blended them. It kind of looked like a bowl of see-through cereals that gone bad and went green.

I should have known this was not going to work on my eyelid. But I was 12, I didn’t have or use my brain. I applied this on my eyelid and it started to burn. Now I was crying big chunks of green crayon and it was very hard to explain this to my mom. I said I accidentally got perfume in my eyes but the crayon I couldn’t really say much about. After that I got a nice natural red eyelid that many asked about in school.

It might not have been make-up but I did steal make-ups spotlight in school for a couple of days. Have you ever done something as a kid that you today just feel is extremely stupid?


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