Kolmården zoo

Like i wrote in my last post my car broke down. Been without it for around 2 Weeks now and they are still not finding whats wrong with it. Because of this I have been without a car and vince and I had to cancle all our summer plans.

Today I’m sitting on a bus to gothenburg to buy a new car. So I thought I could share the only summer activity Vince and I did do according to plans.

We went to a zoo. I’m grown up close to a zoo and have been many Times while Vince never did that much. Seeing him being so childish and excited just to see the animals was so much fun.

I myself have never been to this zoo but it was really noce. They had a safari, a normal zoo, dolphine show and rollercoasters.

The animals was very tired in the heat and so was we after walking the entire day. But it really was amazing.

My favorite animal have Always been sharks so i Loved the aquarium. I wish to some day be able to swim with them. Wouldnt that just be amazing 😮


14 thoughts on “Kolmården zoo

  1. Author Ryan Callahan says:

    I loved that, thank you! We went to San Diego, CA this summer. My daughter got to swim with the dolphins at Sea World! It was incredible! I was like a big kid again too. Great pictures! I especially love the little monkey at the top! God bless you!

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  2. notdonner says:

    I love zoos that really have worked to have more natural habitats. Love the Columbia, SC zoo which is in a large park setting. The Arizona Sonora Desert museum in Tucson, AZ,
    the San Diego Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park in northern San Diego County. Walking is great exercise – but of course, during the day most of the critters are snoozing…. Thanks for sharing these.

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