Vintage patterns I will try this autumn

Yes, I have an confession. I LOVE patterns. I love following things that someone already spent time to figure out, why do I have to do his work again?

You might now wonder why I say this? Well, I realized some people on the internet who do sewing think doing it without a pattern makes you better.

I want to say the opposite. I just don’t want to discover the wheel again. That don’t make me worse at the craft. I know how to modify and make my own patterns. But why bother when you find a beautiful pattern someone spent hours making?

Back to my post after that small rant, sorry.

I recently bought 3 vintage patterns from Vogue. I cant say Vogue are the pattern makers I prefer. Don’t get me wrong the patterns are fine. I just find the description weird.

If you are new to sewing and patterns I would never recommend Vogue. With that I’m not saying its wrong just that starting with easier patterns could be a good idea.

I myself love a good challenge and would probably take this blog post as a challenge. xD

All three of these patterns come from a line Vogue calls “vintage Vogue”. I wouldn’t say all of them are accurate. But they aren’t horrible either.



I actually found a Youtube who tried this pattern and before watching the whole video I have bought it. I love dresses with an sexy open back.

It turned out thought that the Youtuber had a problem with the shoulders not staying up and always sliding down. Personally I think she might have used a very thin fabric and that a thicker one would be more sturdy.

This is the first pattern I’m going to sew this autumn. I’m going to make this into a winter dress. I have a vision with a very dark red and then having either white or golden buttons.

I remember I once saw really nice gold steel buttons with a red rose painted. That would be really cute. Regarding buttons we will go on what we find but I’m hoping for something in that kind of style.



This dress I thought looked very much like a coat but it also have the buttons on sideways. Which I think gives it a very cute cut. I don’t really have any good ideas for this one yet.

When it comes to with or without sash I haven’t decided yet. I hate the white and yellow combo . But I also think it kind take away from the buttons.

I have some ideas regarding making this into a brown or dark green. Something earthy. I think earthy colors would look great on this for a cold Swedish spring.




I love the shoulders and sleeves on this dress. This dress is going to be my spring dress. It was funny enough also my boyfriend Vince’s favorite pattern on these three.

I’m going to go for a very floral fabric for this. I have had the thought of a white underdress and a white see through fabric with red roses over it.

But I also think a yellow dress with some green floral pattern would look just as beautiful.



What pattern is your favorite?

What fabric and color would you make them in?



61 thoughts on “Vintage patterns I will try this autumn

  1. karenseewriter says:

    I’ve made Vogue 2960. It was My Easter dress pattern a few years ago. The fabric was a lightweight floral cotton. It was really pretty and I liked how it turned out. Had to wear a slip under it because I didn’t think to line it. I, too, had issues with it falling off my shoulders, but I have narrow shoulders. I’ve since realized that all Vogue patterns are too wide for my shoulders without an adjustment. I’m interested in your thoughts on each of these after you make them!

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  2. theamalog says:

    I was a textile student during my A-level which was years ago and loved every bit of it. Dressmaking patterns are a classic and I do love collecting them. 1st and 2nd is my favourite as I love structured clothing

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  3. designedbydanita says:

    Hi Elin, Just wanted you to know I will be giving away vintage-style patterns starting now and for the months to come! IF you live in the U.S. that is! Please check out my latest post and tell your vintage loving friends! I need to clean out my stash! Thank you so much!

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    • Elin's Era says:

      Yes i remember sitting and watching My mom sew too. To me it felt like magic. Creating such beautiful dresses :3 she Always did small versions of the ones she did to Herself so we where twins :3


  4. Lesley Bown says:

    I never wear frocks but used to. It’s easy to add little internal straps that clip over your bra strap if the shoulders are a bit slippy-downy. And Vogue patterns of that era are famously complicated, they were the real top of the tree patterns for experience sewers, so not for me!

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  5. Maia Stone says:

    You too! I just started sewing and I’m glad that you’re making vintage clothes. I personally like the dresses from the 40’s and 50’s. I’m pear-shaped so I really like clothes that are cinched in the waist. I can’t wait for your update about these clothes!

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