Love struggle

Many might now the story of me and my boyfriend, Vince. If not you can start the story here, When Elin met Vince

Vince and I was happy after he followed me to Sweden. We thought that the hardship of being in a long distance relationship would come to an end.

The best kind of kiss is when you have to stop because you cant Help but smile!

Instead something new started!

In Sweden its rather hard to find a job without knowing swedish. I knew this when he moved but I thought he would maybe be fine with his English.

I was wrong!

For a little bit of a year now we have struggled with surviving month after month on my pay, it works.

But I think Vince, as a manly guy, hates it a lot and its been slowly tearing a cliff in our love.

We have never not Loved each other but money is a string subject that can tear many aparts.

As a educated graphic designer he do some private design for people at Times. But its a very unstable income.

This makes a future with marriage and kids hard to plan. I try My hardest to stay positive and hopefully he Will one day find something more stable.

You will forever be my always!

Maybe you know someone that needs a design or have a position?

I myself even through out to my best friends boyfriend if he has a position for my man. I feel a bit emberessed and petty for asking, but what can i do?

When you find love, true love that takes your breath away you just dont want to lose it. Atleast not because of money!


27 thoughts on “Love struggle

  1. dilunadi says:

    Love can overcome everything, I believe in it with all my heart, no matter how tough it may seem. Unfortunately, I have no job to help you in solving the problem, but I want to wish you patience and good luck. A solution may come sooner or later because you are together and do everything for your happiness, just don’t give up. Real feelings prove to be real through tough times like these.

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  2. inknpaper85046788 says:

    It is hard to find a job and, most importantly, to find your identity and role in a new country where the primary language is not your language. I know that because I had to fight hard to show others who I was and what I was able to do. Plus, the nostalgia for home, plus a new language, plus a new culture, plus food that you don’t recognize as your own comfort food. It is hard, but it is not impossible. I went back to school, learned two new languages and kept my chin up even on days when people placed invisible rocks on my head. It is not easy, and it will never be easy…but it is not impossible. I am sending you both tons of hugs…don’t give up on things that you love and don’t give up on your love. You can do it!

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  3. The Holy Whore says:

    It must be very hard but Love overcomes all hardships. Years from now, you will remember these hard days and laugh. Now, hold onto each other and celebrate making it that far. Many relationships cracked before the reunion BUT you too are strong and you are making it πŸ™‚

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  4. silveryew says:

    I can totally relate. I am Norwegian and Husband is British. If things *really* goes belly up here after the UK leave the union, moving home to Norway is always an option. But it really would be the last resort because of the language barrier and I would be worried about how successfully he would find friends and a network there.

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