Tomorrows sewing project!

Some of you might remember my other sewing projects, Vintage patterns I will try this autumn, still to this day I haven’t found a perfect fabric for these patterns.

I want to say I’m rather picky when it comes to fabric and clothes. I know that if I don’t think it will be perfect fabric for that pattern I won’t wear it.

But I guess that’s also what makes me rather limited.

So I went with my mom to one of my favorite fabric stores in Sweden. Sadly it can only be found 5 hours away from where I live. Luckily that’s where my mom and dad lives.

Like I said, I didn’t find a fabric for the patterns in the other blog post I have; Vintage patterns I will try this autumn.

But I found this wonderful autumn fabric in orange, brown, green that would make a lovely flared circle skirt. When I asked the owner for the price on this fabric she couldn’t find it in the database and gave me a much lower price than it should have been.

With this said; I hugged it and took 3 meters right away. What a bargain.

When I was home I also went through my moms sewing cabinet and put my hands on some new patterns.

One of these I’m going to use for the skirt. The other two patterns I feel have a more summer and maybe spring feeling to it.


Why I wanted these patterns was because I remember clearly when my mom sewed these dresses for herself and I forced her to make a mini version for me. We where twins in those dresses!

What I know my mom still have saved my dresses. Hopefully I will get a daughter myself in the future that would love to wear them.

Tomorrow I have invited my dear friend Maria to have a sewing day with me. I’m going to make this skirt, while she is doing some kind of embroidery. Our third sewing geek,Clara I think is out of town at this moment.

I will come with a new part when the skirt is done.

Wish me luck.






27 thoughts on “Tomorrows sewing project!

  1. Lynda says:

    Elin, I can’t wait to see that circle skirt! I used to wear them when I was little (think 1950s poodle), and about 15 years ago circle skirts had a brief comeback, no poodles this time… I wore them even though I was 50. I still had a figure then. 😉

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      • Lynda says:

        I think we should all dress to
        “show what’s in our heart”. It would make the world a more interesting place. Shame on me, I had to look up Victory Rolls. Hel-lo, they have been in every 40s movie I ever watched and loved and I had no idea what they were called! I looked them up after your mention. Thanks for naming them for me.

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  2. Author Ryan Callahan says:

    So cool! Our 10 year old daughter loves to sew. My mother taught her and she took to it like a fish to water! She fixes clothes and other things for the family now. Such a great skill to have! God bless!

    How is your father? I have been praying for him. I pray for you and your boyfriend too!

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  3. Clara says:

    Love the fabric Elin!

    By the way I’m home tomorrow if your sewing then, my machine is sadla not home but I could love to come by and use your floor to cut some patternpieces from a second hand fabric I picked up recently 😀😀😀, otherwise there is such a day as monday too!

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  4. Laura B says:

    I hope your sewing day is fabulous! We used to sew all the time when were younger with Grandma and Mom. My clothing sewing skills leave something to be desired so these days I make more blankets and pillows than anything else! Definitely let us know how the skirt turns out!

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  5. klwark21 says:

    I hope your sewing goes well. What a long journey to buy fabric! Glad you could see your parents at the same time. What lovely memories of mother and daughter dresses. When my boys were small I had a friend who made matching dresses for herself and her 3 girls. I couldn’t sew when the children were littl3 – I am a late starter and still a beginner!

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  6. Maia Stone says:

    I’ve been waiting for this! 😄😍 Have you considered making sewing tutorial on your blog? I’m a beginner and I’m getting a new sewing machine next week. Please, let us know how you make it 😊

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