Redbird vintage subscription box Review

Disclaimer: This is by no mean sponsored and it is my true thought on the product.

Redbird is two vintage-loving sisters (Sarah & Karen) behind the scenes styling and putting together boxes. One day they hope to have a whole vintage-loving team but in the meantime they need to limit the amount of subscriptions they carry.

They have two different sizes on boxes. The Marie Accessory Box, 50 dollars a month, and it includes 4 authentic vintage accessories. The Lorene, 100 dollar a month, and it includes 6 authentic vintage accessories and/or clothing items.

They also have pre-made boxes that are a bit less expensive.


I myself would want to say they are vintage matchmakers. When you subscribe you do a personal test and answer questions about what style you like, era, colors etc. And from that information they pick out things that would fit just you and your taste.

They also have an Instagram and Youtube channel where they go through some things they got and you can in the comments or in an e-mail request those things.

I was extremely skeptical that this would work. I know i have a very picky taste. Or at least I wanted to think so. And that no one could find things for me.

But most of reviews I have seen seemed positive. But again I couldn’t say they got things I really wanted myself. So maybe it was because we don’t have the same taste.

But my curiosity took over and i needed to find out about it. So i was one the “waiting list” for awhile. And finally I got a chance to try it out.

Considering it was my birthday, 22 September, I got super excited and thought it felt like a small birthday gift for myself.

Then the package came, 28 September. I was super excited really and after opening it, I was shaking. I was so happy with legit everything I got. I was very clear in what I liked and didn’t like. So I think the more clear you are on what you want, the happier you will be with the result.

I know myself as a librarian its hard to hit a home run when someone just asks for something good. We all have different aspects on what makes a good book. So the more information on what you like the easier it is for us to find something just for you.

If you still are a bit confused in what it is you like, check this post out: Build a vintage wardrobe Step 1: Who are you?

And now for we all been waiting for; my goods!

I’m a person who like these colors on myself. I cant do screaming bright colors, I mean I can. But I feel very pale in them.



So these are my colors, or the ones that works for me. And in jewelry i’m more a gold person than a silver. Again because silver makes me look pale.

I’m also a BIG fan of Christmas. This is not for the present but for the family gatherings and traditions. I’m a big family oriented person!

All this I told Redbird and they hit a home run in everything they sent me!

Now for the goods I got:


I got 3 brooches; look at that xmas tree. It made me almost tear up inside. It looks like a brooch my mom had when I was a kid. I wanted it so bad and then she drooped it. The other two are just as beautiful in my colors and everything.

Then I got 2 necklaces one gold with white pearls and one gold and orange. The white pealed one I requested on their Instagram and they gave it to me! I was so happy I made a small dance.

As a quick note, they do wash all their clothes before sending them out. So everything is in top notch when you do get them.

I got a black dress that fit me so perfectly, it gets my cats hair all over it. But every girl need that one black dress. I matched this one up with a red knitted shirt and a puffy white petticoat.

Then I also had 2 shirts, when more fancy in white and gold buttons. And one more daytime in a beige, brown and green color. Many said they didn’t like the second one as much. But I really do. I’m very earthy in my colors and it fits so perfect with a brown or green skirt.

I also got a handbag. It was probably my least favorite one. This does not mean I don’t like it. I just, I think its rather flashy for my. Nothing I could use in my daily life and I do get a small 80’s feeling to it. I will wear it next when i go out tho.

And to top it off, I got a 100% silk scarf with a Christmas motive.


And some pictures of me wearing some of the things. I hope you have time to check Redbird out. They are and have been amazing to me in everything they have sent and the service. I heard they will take on more subscribers on 1 November. So consider looking into them until then! If you love vintage you will love this box. Its everything and more.

Much love,




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