A tornado of emotions

I’m really sorry for being away from blogging in a couple of months.

Why it ended up being a break for this long is rather hard to explain. I don’t want to go into details. But I guess I can say this: The person I loved with my whole heart and wanted to spend the rest of my life with left me.

On my birthday he ended our relationship over a text. I thought he was coming back home from his trip to England but it turned out that was not the plan.

For weeks I was broken; I didn’t eat, work or do anything but cry and curse the world.

And so my entire life took a break.

I have come over this like you do with time. I can’t say im not still hurt and in massive pain. But I’m eating again, I’m taking care of my body and mind.

I’m not locking myself into a dark room and refuse all social life.

And I think coming back to things I love in life is very important. One of these things are blogging.

So again I’m sorry but don’t worry, I’m back and I’m on my way to a happier life.


On another note its soon December and Blogmas! Who more than me is looking forward to this?


Much love,



30 thoughts on “A tornado of emotions

  1. hellolauren528 says:

    If you’ll forgive me for saying so, that method was very cowardly and shitty of him. I’m glad you’re doing better. You’re a stronger person than me. Welcome back!

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  2. inknpaper85046788 says:

    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. If he behaved like that, he was not the right person for you and definitely not a person with a healthy mind. the text, the stalking, and the threatening etc. prove that he was a selfish and very weird person. I know it hurts now, but if you detach yourself from what has happened you can see that it was a blessing in disguise. You do not want to stay in a relationship with someone who is that moody and that negative. You are too good for someone like that. Try to see the positive outcomes and put in the trash all the negatives. He actually gave you the best birthday present even, breaking up with you was a blessing not a tragedy. because, now your heart is free of venom and ready to love again. I am so glad he is not in your life anymore. you deserve a man not a coward.

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  3. retrodee says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss, but I just want to say that when my guy left me, I thought I would never, ever be over him and now I realize what a douche he was (and probably still is) I can’t believe how sad I was over someone who did not even appreciate the things I tried to do for him. A lot of guys who just spontaneously leave someone will never themselves be happy. I only wish I had the time back that I wasted over him! Thank you for sharing and I am so glad to see you back blogging and feeling a bit better. 🙂

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  4. Lynda says:

    This was over 40 years ago: Mine took me out to brunch and when the plates were set before us he dropped his bombshell. I was so upset I couldn’t eat and all he cared about was how much money he spent! He then proceeded to eat both breakfasts. It was surreal.

    You will survive this, it will get easier, AND stick to your guns! This guy’s creep-factor is off the charts.

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  5. designedbydanita says:

    So glad you are back and eating and taking care of YOU! We can all hear your pain and feel your distress! It is horrible. But you now can slowly start to find the good things in your life again. Make you a happier, stronger, more compassionate person for all you have endured. Life is never easy, but it is an adventure! What will you make of it next? Hugs! ❤

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  6. oldgreyandworkinghard says:

    Well he’d be a dill then wouldnt he… while you go forward to a better and happier life, he will look back and always wonder if he made a mistake… smile, Christmas is around the corner and a new year will see you blossom 🙂

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  7. purpelite says:

    Much love to you! I faced a similar thing this year. But then I started eating and looking after myself. And now am just glad it’s over!! Keep writing and take care. Am hoping to update in the Blogmas too!

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