Rise Up Diaries ~ 2 July 2019

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Today have been a very rainy day. Perfect for reading I thought! Warm sock boots, tea, my Cat (Sherlock Holmes as he is named) and good books.

Today’s weather and genre of books reminded me of a horrible teacher I had as a middle schooler. My disslike of her started after she made fun of me loudly in front of my class when she heard I wanted to be an author.

“You have to understand Elin that a person who cant read or spell correctly can never be an author!”

What she meant by this was that I was dyslexic and had a harder time than others. Another time she not only forced me, a very shy girl, to stand in front of the class and read from a book with my dyslexia. But she also took my glasses away pointing out they was only for show.

After minutes that for me felt like hours of not being able to read anything on the page and almost breaking down into tears. I had to admit in front of the class I did not know how to read.

It would have been easy to hate books after that and despising reading all in all. But I didn’t. I loved reading, I loved coming up with new stories for my friends and I didn’t want her to take that away from me. So I hated her, the school and every book she forced me to read.

After this incident she didn’t allow me to borrow any book I wanted at the library when we did our monthly visit there. I had to get them approved from her first. And she only approved very low leveled child books.

Instead I went to the library by myself and borrowed other books I read at home. But this was also why I started reading manga and graphic novels more. Because in the beginning I truly thought I couldn’t read like she had pointed out. She did make me doubt myself and my ability. But I was smart enough to try different kind of books.

The Girl From The Other Side: SiΓΊil A RΓΊn by Nagabe

Many people say that Manga and graphic novels gives a person nothing and its just for kids. At least My parents are like that. Always told me to grow up and start reading “real” books. But not only did I enjoy them but I learned so much when it came to expressions, human feelings and I could study a picture easier.

Of course I started reading child graphics and child manga but the older I got the older and more mature my reading in these genres got. Yes, There are adult fiction even in these genres. There is something for everyone. This Book series I read today is somewhat teen/adult. I cant say I haven’t read anything like this before because the story is very similar to many other stories; Good vs. Bad, big wall that divides the two and there is one special girl on the good side and one special guy on the bad side being united by some force.

What captivated me in these books wasn’t so much the story but the graphic itself. I loved how pure Shiva (the good girl) look and how pure evil he looks. But also the play of the shadows to show the dark side of the world. I also enjoyed that Shiva was much younger and actually a child compared to the bad guy, teacher, as she calls him. Which makes the connection between them like a father/daughter bound. As he is an outsider (as the bad people are called) he have forgotten all the memories from his human life. This makes the relationship to Shiva even more cute when she is the one teaching him about things in this world. And he again starts to feel love towards her, wanting to protect her but not knowing what these emotions are.

Watching the do daily things like argue on each side of the door.
Seeing her smile and be playful truly makes me happy.
Watching her trying to make him not worry and smile again.

Have you ever had a horrible teacher in your youth? Or ever a horrible mentor?

Have you read a graphic novel or manga that you truly loved?

Much love,


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19 thoughts on “Rise Up Diaries ~ 2 July 2019

  1. retrodee says:

    I hate bad memories, but I’ve definitely had mean teachers embarrass me in front of my already mean peers. The strangest teacher I had though, was like an aunt. We all loved her in a way, but she was brutally honest and said inappropriate things about most of us in front of each other. Just no tact. It was weird though because despite her brashness, she would have died for any one of us. Sorry to hear about your middle school teacher, though. She sounds like quite a shrew. Well you certainly proved her wrong! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elin's Era says:

      Funny was that when I started High school I was in the news paper because of novels I had won some price on and it was a huge interview about me etc. And she legit came up to me that day and said “What a good thing I discovered you”

      Like seriously! I should have punshed her but shy as I was I just smiled and nodded.


    • Elin's Era says:

      We all have bad memories of some sort. I just try not to think about them to much. Atleast not in a negative way. I can today laugh at it and joke about it. She did far worse things than the once I menaged; for once she thought I had a learning dissability and wanted my IQ tested. She nerv told my parents this but I remember sitting through many many many test xD

      Almost laugheble today. Could make a comedy movie about it tbh.


  2. Gary says:

    Oh Elin, what a horrible and cruel teacher you had. It is despicable to treat a student so poorly. I too had a teacher I didn’t like. She scared me. When I was at school, teachers were allowed to mete out corporal punishment usually in the form of hitting a student with a 30 cm rule or a 1 metre ruler. Only the principal could hit a student with a cane. The target was either the buttocks or the palm of the hand. This teacher never hit me, she did something worse. She would yell at me.
    I’m so grateful I had so many good teachers who nurtured me and educated me.

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  3. Kirsty says:

    That’s terrible. Some people should not be allowed to be teachers. I’m sorry that you had this experience, but it shows how strong you are that you didn’t let it get in the way of something you wanted to do.

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