Rise Up Diaries ~ 4 July

Last episode: Rise Up Diaries 2 July

Yesterday I had a rather painful day. I woke up and had the sensation that someone had beaten me all night with a hammer in my face. My jaw pain was so extreme. I tried taking my strongest pills which didn’t work. But after sleeping most of the day and night I woke up much better.

Because of this I decided to think about my health yesterday and not sit in front of the computer to write an entry. The light from the screens are enough to trigger even worse migraines sadly.

I can still feel very tired from yesterday. When you are in pain you tense your entire body until the pain goes away and you can relax. But When you finally do relax you just get very exhausted and tired.

I’m very used to this pain. It’s been worse this year which I think is all thanks to my former boss I quit my job to avoid. Being stressed daily and tensing your body being afraid what would happened at work would make my pain worse the day after.

I think I’m still recovering from everything. I know I will never be without pain and it’s something I need to live with. But it would be better and maybe it would be pain in the level that I know I can handle.

I have decided to contact an acupuncture and get a couple hundred needles in my jaw and body to help with the pain. Last time I did this I felt amazing. I hate needles and hate the idea of it, just like I hate taking pills. But when you are struggling with the same kind of daily chronic pain as I’m doing at this moment you will do legit anything to just make it stop.

I tried massage once and it was nice after. But during the massage it was pure pain for 1 hour. I cried and was biting my lip until it started bleeding while he tried to help with my pain. Many find it weird that it hurt for me but I think they don’t understand the concept that it isn’t a “normal” stress realize massage but a deep massage, they usually hurts. Especially if you have problems on the areas that is massaged. I couldn’t even stand up and walk after the massages. So this is why I find the acupuncture to be a tiny bit less painless than the massage. Nothing with me is painless these days though. Anything to be better.

Something that do upset me is when people look at me and they say I don’t look sick or that I smile and look happy so I cant be in that much pain. Not all of us have something visible we can show, some of us struggle even if you can’t see it. Just because you can’t see my illness doesn’t make it unreal.

Not a face of someone in daily pain. But it is!

Babymetal Concert

BabyMetal is a Japanese metal group that have brought cuteness to metal music for over 8 years now. I remember them being one of my obsessions in my teens. They, being around my age, have grown up alongside with me which been a blessing. Their music been different from the start. They been singing about wanting chocolate to liking to headbang.

This must be one of their most well known songs!

I have never really had the time or money to see one of their European concerts. But next year in February I been blessed with a concert in Stockholm. Tomorrow at 5 July the tickets will be released and I will be all over them.

Sadly one of the original members, Yui Mizuno, has quit due to her health conditions. We have gotten a third new member who is doing a wonderful job to fill Yuis boots. But I can’t say it doesn’t make me sad to see her go.

This will always be one of my favorite songs from them.

Seeing them grow up from this “older” versions of music to the albums they have released today. I have seen their cuteness level go down a bit and they been more and more serious about the metal music. I have even seen these small girls do a Crucifixion on stage. They always do a dance to the songs they do, which I in younger age did learn. I love watching peoples reactions to BabyMetal, especially hardcore metal fans who see them and role their eyes but than after hearing their songs have to say “they are actually pretty good”.

Their newest song!

I can’t say I love metal music but these girls I have a huge weak spot for. Maybe it’s also because of the childhood memory bound I have.

Tea + Books = Happy Elin

Otherwise I haven’t done much today to be honest. I Have taking it rather easy. My dad started his summer vacation today so we celebrated that by going on a father/daugther date at a cafe.

After that I been mostly reading, drinking some tea, watched a movie or two. Hoping that I can fool my friend to a bigger city tomorrow to do some window shopping. I also need to buy some tea. I know I probably have tea that would be enough for a month or two. But there is a special tea I really want that they only sell on special tea shops. I really crave it.

Hav you ever seen or heard about BabyMetal before? Do you have a group or singer you love that not many know about?

How have your day been? Been up to something special?

Do you love tea aswell or are you more of a coffee person?

Next episode: Rise Up Diaries ~ 5th July

Much love,


20 thoughts on “Rise Up Diaries ~ 4 July

    • Elin's Era says:

      Its really horrible :/ It does make us strong and we can tolerate pain more than other ppl. But Its far from fun and it does effect our lifes when it comes to jobs and it even sometimes amkes you scared from leaving your house, going on trips etc being scared you will have a worse flare up and not haev the right pills with you. And friends dissliking the constant cancle of hanging out :/ Most understands ofc. But some ppl do find it annoying. I have even had ppl tell me im probebly just lazy.

      Wish your daugther all the best.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Branded says:

    Coffee! Actually a friend who gets migraines has a doctor that suggested coffee with the onset of a migraine. It’s a natural anodyne. I don’t get migraines but am considering turmeric as an anti inflammatory, qualities that may be useful for migraines, but definitely a mood leveler. Good luck!


    • Elin's Era says:

      Well I have tried everything, trust me ^^ Im born with it. 26 years of testing most things out there ^^ I know what works for my body at this point. But chronic illnesses dont go away. My migraine is just something I get because of my other chronic pain, like an extra little train XD And when its chronic it doesnt go away no matter what you do or what pills you take (been taking 20 pills a day at one point). It will just make it bareble that day. Which is great, makes it possible to live. Coffee on the other hand do give me worse migrains ^^ so thats why i stay with tea, some days even black tea can be to much. But those days I do normal water or red tea.

      If i only had migraines I would consider myself the luckies person alive. Migraines are bad sure but they are nothing compared to the chronic pain and nerve damadge I have in my jaw an back.

      Have a lovely day to you tho and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Branded says:

        I’m so sorry things are so hard for you. I hope you can get some kind of break. Also, sorry for the advice. I guess it’s my default. πŸ™‚


      • Elin's Era says:

        Oh no I dont mind advice ^^ But I kinda have tried most things so most advice are told to me for the hundred time and I have most likely already tried it XD So to me it does come off rather naggy. πŸ™‚ Sorry if i seemed a bit triggred.

        And sure being in chronic pain is hard. But I kinda dont want the pity. Other ppl have it worse in their life. I mean Im alive. I get good days and I have a lovely life πŸ™‚ So i have nothing to complain about ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Branded says:

        You are so right! There are people who have things much worse than I do. But I tend to sympathize with people anyway. It’s a habit. But some of those with the hardest lives can sometimes have the strongest resolve or personal faith.

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  2. Keto For Beginners says:

    I am so sorry you are in such pain. Recently I have experienced some excruciating pain myself when my back went out. I had a herniated disc and then it popped back in, leaving me with this frustrating sciatica. It’s hard to deal with your right leg being entirely numb, but I have some medications that take the edge off. I hope you have tried everything from essential oils to CBD, the last is particularly helpful to me dealing with anxiety and pain. Ok, the Babymetal is new to me, but I watched the videos and enjoyed all three. How fresh and different they are, and I love the music and costumes. I’m forwarding to my boys so they can check them out! Feel better please!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jupitergrant says:

    I’m dealing with chronic pain at the moment, and I totally agree it’s exhausting and debilitating in ways people don’t see and appreciate sometimes.
    Ditto about therapeutic massage, too! I still get annoyed when people say, “oh lovely, a nice relaxing massage”. Err, no, I’ll be in pain throughout most of it, and will recovering from it for the next 24-36 hours!!
    I hope that the acupuncture helps your pain xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elin's Era says:

      It sure is hella annoying! >.< I'm happy I'm not alone. Anything that helps tho even if its a little bit is amazing in my eyes. πŸ™‚ I havent been painless since I was around 14. So I dont think I will be ever again but it could be a little bit less intense I hope xD

      Wish you all the luck as well πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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