Rise Up Diaries ~ 12th July 2019

I think I should start out with saying sorry for not being around lately. It started with me just having so much to do on my days that I totally forgot. Than I got a migraine again, it happens, and right now I’m just lazy I think.

So all in all, I’m really sorry for not writing both to you as a reader but also towards myself for not sticking to the 30 day plan.

I know I could easily write a small blog post and not even needing to do to much, it is my blog and I can share and write how little and much I want. But I still have this: I need to do something good and if I have nothing to say or share I feel bad. Than if I skip a day I get scared of returning or even opening WordPress. Because what if someone is mad?

I of course know this isn’t the case. But I have always been a very worried person and I hate upsetting others in any way or being a disappointment.

I’m here and alive though.

Bullet Journal for writers

I recently got myself a Bullet Journal. Like i talked about a couple days ago I bought myself a leather Journal for my writing. I decided to use this as my own personal weekly diary and just go through my week and thoughts I have. This is nothing I will share with others but keep personal to me.

But I also have always loved the concept of Bullet Journaling and would love to try it myself. I always thought I wasn’t a good enough art person to do it. But I do appreciate the planning and schedule they give. And the satisfying reward system you can put up.

So today I been looking at different Bullet Journal inspiration pictures to come up with what I want. I want a page as people call a “Mood tracker”. Most people use this to track if they have gone through a rather stressful month etc. But I want to use this to see exactly how often I get my migraines, when I get worse nerve pain etc. It would be a huge help both for me and my doctors I think.

Usually when I get to the doctor, and feel like I have a good day, its like I forgot how bad it can be and i’m just happy to be somewhere to get help or to just have a better day. So I sometimes belittle my own problems.

I also want to have a blogging schedule tracker, with all my social media for the blog. To see if I have promoted my post everywhere and done everything I should do.

But Mostly I want the Bullet Journal to be for my writing. As some maybe know I write and self-publish erotica on amazon. Recently I decided to take all my stories down to do a re-branding and making covers etc match. So When I start again I want to track: How many sells I do, have an erotica Thesaurus, Character sheets, Location sheets etc.

I also, like with my blog, want to track so I do all the promotion correctly and how often and if they make results.

Until now I have done everything in my head and I would enjoy the break of having it on paper.

When I have designed out my Bullet Journal I will post pictures of it on here and we can share ideas. Starting on a new blank page and a new Journal is rather scary for me though. I don’t want to mess up the first pages. But I guess I just have to put that behind me and just start!

New Instagram account

Before I been using my Instagram from the time I was a very active gamer and did live streams of myself gaming. So recently I been feeling I wanted a special Instagram just for my blogging with the same account name as my blog and not my gaming tag.

Most people on my gaming Instagram don’t like the blogging and writing as much which makes so I have a lot of followers but no engagement. I think this have pulled my “trust factor” down a bit.

So I restarted on a new and hope you want to be Instagram friends πŸ™‚

Click here for my new Instagram account!

Do you have a specific instagram to your blog?

Do you like Bullet Journals or do you use another system to keep of track?

Much Love,



26 thoughts on “Rise Up Diaries ~ 12th July 2019

  1. retrodee says:

    I used to keep lists very much like a bullet journal in spiral notebooks, in fact, I would write things down all the time by hand. But now I do EVERYTHING on the computer, including all my lists, notes, and even journaling. As a result I can barely use a pen anymore without getting a hand cramp and my writing is almost illegible. LOL. I used to be the QUEEN of the notebook. I’d fill up one per month. Now I’m relying on the damn computer to type out every single idea. Good for you for still using pen and paper! I have an instagram account for my blog, will definitely check out yours! πŸ™‚

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    • Elin's Era says:

      I love writing by hand πŸ™‚ Makes the information stick in my head more. I can type on a keyboard without even looking at the keys and i can just glanze out of the window. Thats a rather cool trick to show ppl.

      But i myself prefer journaling on paper. That way when I write I can think about what I’m writing. On the computer its just word dumping to me, not so much thinking or usuing my brain :/ I dont know why.

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  2. justthegameoflife says:

    I love the bullet journal! I cannot stay with it though. Maybe its cause i dont have a lot to plan or whatnot but I want to use it so bad Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elin's Era says:

      Well maybe do what I will do and do a thinker on what you want and need to keep on track with πŸ™‚ Then go from there. I tried using a Buller Journal before and did the “must have pages” that I never used cuz they where not for me and gave me nothing so I got unmotivated to use them πŸ™‚

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  3. Gary says:

    Elin, there’s no need to apologise for not writing. Life happens and sometimes gets in the way.

    I’ve never used a bullet journal. I don’t really understand the concept.

    I have dedicated Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts for my food and diary blogs respectively.

    I’ve started following your Instagram account from my diary account.

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    • Elin's Era says:

      I think its all about what you need it for. I myself LOVE checklists and to check something of it. Or to give myself a golden star when I have done something or reached a goal. Makes me feel like I accomplish things. I know I do anyway but having it on paper is very helpful and do feel rather satisfying.

      I also think art ppl use it to practice their art and others to get a good star in the morning with mindfulness where they can plan the day ahead and take it easy.

      I will follow back when I go on next πŸ˜€ Thank you so much.

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  4. queendar says:

    Apparently I’ve been using a few bullet journal techniques in my work notebook for years, I just didn’t realize it had a name! I haven’t tried the technique for home use yet, but I might give it a try!

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    • Elin's Era says:

      I think most of us do it one way or another or at least have tried it. πŸ™‚ I dont think it got a name until recent years. Its a great way to plan out a month and make a calender into what you are looking for ^^ Finding a pre-made calender that works for my needs can be hard sometimes. If I dont mind buying multiple calenders and journals ofc XD

      Thanbk you for sharing tho πŸ˜€ Have a lovely day ^^


  5. Keto For Beginners says:

    I’ve heard of a bullet journal but never seen one. I do have a small journal but have not written in it in many months…why I can’t seem to take the time to do it, idk. it is very cathartic.
    I followed you on Instagram btw. πŸ™‚

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  6. Craig Loxton says:

    I have done bujo on and off for the last 3 years. It is really cool. For me was more around productivity and over the years my system has morphed into something of a bujo/gtd/interstitial journal hybrid that I now keep on my phone. I do miss the pen and paper part though. But I was chewing through a journal at a clip. My average was 10-12 pages a day so a milestone 240 page journal wouldn’t last me long.

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  7. Chasette says:

    I have an Instagram for my blog account, but I feel tugged in a bunch of directions because I don’t just post blogging stuff. They’re connected, but I probably think of my insta as more of a peek into just my normal life, which isn’t just all one thing.

    I love journals! I keep trying bullet journaling, but that worry about disappointing people you mentioned makes me feel bad when I fall behind on tracking things, even though it’s just for me!

    Loved this post!

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