Another date and another happy me

Maybe this is turning out to be some kind of love diary now. I’m not sure, i’m sorry if you don’t enjoy reading it. But I want to document it a bit for me but also prove for people around me that I am happy, truly happy. I know there been some souls out there that been very worried about me.

Today I had a second date. We decided almost right away after our first date that we wanted to see each other again. He wanted to see me rather soon, he was very keen if I may say so. But considering his night job and my day job finding a time where we don’t work or sleep have been rather challenging.

But I knew I was going to see my favorite hockey team play today. Usually I go with my father but he said my big brother was going to come to him on Saturday, today, to fix with my brothers car. So I thought I could ask my date instead. He gladly agreed. It made me very happy, I never taken an ex to a game before and it’s something that I enjoy a lot. And I think its a great side of me to show.

I also enjoyed the thought of going with him considering he knew the rules, he had family members who been playing, he knew the people in the kiosks and he also knew the sports director for the team. So going with someone who wouldn’t be such a noob into the game made me really excited.

Soon this day got closer and my dad tells me he and mom is going to the game and my brother wasn’t going to come on that day after all. He then a bit later after that told me even my uncle was going to the game. And I felt kinda bad for my date. It would be our second date and to throw him in with my super curious mother, my skeptic dad and my uncle who is a psychiatrist. They aren’t so bad but it might not be the first thing you think of doing on a second date.

So I had to tell him the news of the additional people joining. He joked with me saying he suddenly felt very sick and didn’t think he could make it. All jokes aside he wasn’t nervous at all and didn’t see it as a bad thing either. He still wanted to go.

I was actually very shock on how casual and chill he was meeting my parents. Not very nervous at all and very social. It also made me truly happy because I’m a big family person and my family means everything to me.

The game was rather weird I would say. Its a wonder it ended 2-2 and we won on penalties. I can’t say I think my team played the best and they did so many stupid stuff. But we got some points which is nice.

I told my date it was because he was there that we won and that he now needs to come to every game. After the first period we had a hamburger that he treated me on. And we had our first real touching during the second period.

I could write tons of erotic novels just about the touching itself. And to be honest, I WILL, but let me just say this:

He put his hand on my inner thighs and the warm sensation of the hand slowly moving up was enough to make me lust for more and lose focus on the game. Not to lose his hand on me I quickly hugged his arm. Turning his way to see him leaning forward to me with a big smirk, my heart raising and me letting out a small out breath….

More I cant write right now because I know my mom reads my blog sometimes. But there is nothing wrong with the lust connection we have for each other right now.

Before leaving after the game we also had our first kiss and second….and third. I really hope it wont be the last. You can say I’m a happy teenager again and I love everything right now….

After saying goodbye I just felt a huge feeling of missing him already, not wanting to say goodbye just yet. Wanting to spend just a couple more hours together.

I have time off work next friday and we have a date planned for the entire date. We have had 2 dates now thats been great but maybe a bit “short”. I mean both the movie and the hockey was roughly 2-3 hours. But considering its not just focused on us and talking but also something to watch. I feel like i want more time to just talk to him and get to know him. Even if doing things together are great, but i kinda want to just talk too. So we been talking about going for a walk and then make dinner together.

But this was without a doubt the best start of the weekend.

How have your weekend started? Any fun plans?

Much love,



7 thoughts on “Another date and another happy me

  1. nopassingfancy says:

    I am LOVING walking this road with you. Thank you for me allowing me to be a part of it. 😊
    So far, so good 😉 Things sound like they’re happening the way they’re supposed to. And he wasn’t threatened by your family? Think he scored some points of his own right there 😉😉💜

    Liked by 1 person

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