We said we like each other

This was going to be uploaded on Thursday. Forgive me, could add some new information thats been happening this friday.

I been working a lot and been rather busy with my Life lately. It’s been rather hard to find time more than to work and to sleep. In Sweden we have this week called “the week of the Child book” or “childbook week”. Its a week where we work a Little bit extra with kids books. I decided to make a superhero theme this week at my schools.

I made a quiz, a couple of crosswords, I made templates to make your own superhero mask. And I also had some book tips about superheroes at a kids level. It’s been very successful to be honest and I’m proud of myself. I been very stressed but at the same time the kids smiles have been giving me a lot of energy as well. My principle (at one of the schools i work at) e-mailed my boss this week as well. To tell her what an Amazing job im doing here and how they dont want to lose me. The thing is that I only have a temporary stay here until the end of December.

I been replacing another librarian while she tried another position. But according to both the teachers and my principle it haven’t been working so well. So my library boss is a bit confused in the decision she will need to make . Considering the principle likes me so much and might not want to lose me. They will have a big meeting on 28th November and I guess we will have to wait and see.

If not i will be offered another position. I do love these schools and i would like to finish the work i been starting to create here. But at the same time its not make decision to make.

About my love Life its been going rather good to be honest. On Tuesday I had a smaller heart attack when something rather fun and happy happened. I woke up earlier than i should (considering my work hours) and this is the convo we had:

Him: “I think you are nice <3”

Me: “aww thanks <3”

Him “Why arent you sleeping?”

Me “Im not sure”

Him” ok x’D”

Me “Guess what?”

Him” You poured a glas of water in the bed and its super wet now?”

Me “no…..but it does sound like something i would do”

Him” then what?”

Me” I like you….kinda”

Him” Kinda?”

Me “no i mean i do”

Him” I like you a lot too”

Me “omg… >.<“

Him “Kisses”

So that’s that ! I Went to sleep for Another hour or so and woke up thinking it was a Dream. But no. There it was…..we said we liked each other. And after i woke up i started like freaking out that it was to soon! just like meeting my parents on the second date must have been to soon. But he don’t seem very freaked out about it. He seem just as happy as me.

We then saw each other yesterday (Wednesday) for a lunch. I was in the city where he lived for a meeting at work and we Went out to a Thai Place. We didn’t say much and it was very comfortable if I may say so myself. We ordered two different dishes but when we got them i put the Foods i didn’t like on his plate and he the same on my plate. We ate, talked, he was worried about the struggles with my car.

We are going on a date on Friday and he was worried about us taking my car and wanted to know if i wanted to do something else or if he should drive. He is a very calm person and he seem to care and Think about me and my well being. He also is a bit of a tease person and a jokster and want to make fun of me or poke me with jokes. Of course its with good intentions and he wouldn’t do anything hurtful. I’m the same and its very easy to be around him.

I’m the kind of person who can get a bit bored after a couple of weeks talking to someone because nothing happened. Like its the same convos over and over again. He don’t keep me on my toes or its very structured. I haven’t felt bored once with my date so far. And when i’m asking or fishing for compliments he never give them to me. He only give them to me if i deserve them: he isn’t the hero i want but the hero i need (batman reference).

But considering the fact he isn’t showering me in compliments but only sometimes. It makes the meaning of them so much more. I know he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it. And he isn’t going around saying it 30 times every day.

I know its only been 3 weeks of dating. But I feel like he is the kind of person I could see myself having a future with. I read an article about relationships kinda recent where they said a relationship is like building a house together. You need to make the Foundation for it and the walls and all of those things. But you need to do them together.

In my recent relationships I been rather alone in trying to make things work, i been very patient with people, I been Hammering on our house all alone. While he might been checking in from time to time how the house been going. I been downgrading myself and my own Worth by accepting this bad behavior.

I cant be blind and make excuses for people. I been needing someone who is investing as much time, effort, energy and care as I been doing. It should be my relationship that i create all alone. It should be something we as a couple create together, it should be ours.

And my date so far is Hammering the Foundation together with me. He isn’t leaving me to do the work by myself. And it might be about maturity considering he is almost 8 years older than the guys i usually date (i been dating guys 1-5 years younger than me.

Today, its Saturday, and I had the date on Friday. It was even better than I could have imagine it to have been. We went to my favorite cafe and he got to taste the tea I been nagging on him about. He liked it just as much as I do. He was going to buy some for himself to have at home but the cue was to long when we finished the tea and cake.

After that we drove to his city and his apartment. We cuddled for the first time, he showed me how he lived, he introduced me to his cat, and we watched the Swedish foball game later in the evening after we went out for dinner.

In his apartment there was a broken mirror so i asked him when he did that and said he now have 7 years bad luck, which isnt good. He told me he don’t think he have that much bad luck considering he found me. Which is enough for me to blush and want to melt through the floor. But I joked it away, saying he don’t know that yet. That meeting me might be his bad luck, because i’m very clingy and loves cuddling. So he told me he was looking into getting another cat so he can accept me instead and if not he only have 6 1/2 years left of bad luck. So we will be stuck together until then.

I know its just for fun and some banter. But being around him makes me truly happy and even though we are very different in personality. We have the same humor, values and goals.

I did teach him that when a cat says “i like you” it buffs its head/forehead to you. So instead of saying we like each other with words we now buffs one another with our foreheads. Considering we are the same height its perfect. And it might be a bit cringe for others, but i like cute personal things in a relationship. Something we do and that has meaning to us. It doesn’t have to make sense to someone else.

Much love,



14 thoughts on “We said we like each other

  1. yash says:

    Don’t think whether is it happening too fast or slow.. Just go with the flow. If you feel positive and his mere thought brings a smile on your face then he is the one. Good wishes for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sidharth says:

    Wish you the purest and the happiest experience of love. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post, according to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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