When is it to soon to say “i love you”?

A lot of things have been happening lately xD Both romantically and work related. So let’s do a round up on this weeks happenings.

2 weeks ago my boss told me she been getting calls from people I work with, teachers, principles and other librarians. And they have been telling her what a wonderful worker I am and how they love me and what I been offering their library.

The job I been having have been temporarily and would end after the new year. But because of all the positive feedback my boss called me this week and offered me to stay until august next year. After this she don’t know if I will get to stay even longer and get the job ultimately (I’m temping or another working at this moment who is trying out another position) or if they will give me another position on another library.

In the end this means they been seeing how hard I been working and how they will make sure I always have a librarian job. And to me this is wonderful news.

I knew I wouldn’t have a hard time getting a job etc. But to, after all the problems i been having with my last boss, get all this positive feedback. It legit got me super teary.

When it comes to love and the guy i’m dating. It’t been going very well. We been going on different kind of dates.

One day we met up in the city and had a smaller shopping evening where he got me a chocolate Christmas calendar.

He also been spoiling me with smaller gifts like my fav loose tea from my fav tea shop. Showing me he listen to me and that he knows what I enjoy. To be it doesn’t matter if i get big or expensive gifts, just that they mean something more than just a thing. And I been running out of this tea so for him to take the time to go and get me more means a lot to me.

We also been joking around that we are a match made in heaven considering how we are so similar in some aspects but so different in other things. So we understand each other and still learn new things.

I been wanting to tell him I love him and I know it might be a huge step and that we only seen each other for 4 weeks. So I’m holding it in for now. But its really something I just want to tell him. At the same time i’m an introvert and having a hard time saying something like that as well. So I been struggling XD I think that when the time is right it will just happen naturally.

My British ex have also started to pop up in my life. He is blocked on all social media both for me and my family members. But he been starting to hack himself into my Instagram and Facebook. I’m guessing he wants a reaction from me considering he isn’t doing much once he is online. So I wont give him the energy or time, he truly have nothing to get from me anymore. But if it keep happening and he wont leave my private life alone I might need to start contacting both Facebook and Instagram to get the IP-address banned as well as contacting the police. I’m already tired of changing my passwords as much as I have been doing so far.

Let’s just hope he gets the hint and back off this time.

Much love,



5 thoughts on “When is it to soon to say “i love you”?

  1. moonlightladybug says:

    Hi! I know we don’t know each other but I did want to share, I think you should tell them that you love them if you feel it in your spirit to do so. Life is short, don’t let things pass by. If you’re scared and don’t know how to tell them, do like I done, I wrote it in a letter and all the reasons they add to my life and make me happy, enthuse on why you love them. I’m sure they would respond positive 💕 wishing you all the best! 🤗🤗

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  2. yash says:

    Expressing your feelings to someone may become a commitment. If you say that you love him then you have to be sure that your love doesn’t sway away with the time. If you are very sure that you love him then don’t wait for another second and just say to him. 🙂

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