Blogmas – My top 10 favorite Christmas songs for December

I wanted to go blogmas but again I been so busy with work, love, my brother having a child and everything in between that I just forgot about December starting.

December and Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. But sometimes I think I take myself some water over my head xD But there is so many fun things you can do in December. Like Christmas baking, Christmas markets, decorating your house (both inside and outside), the music, the parties, the family traditions.

There is just so many fun things to do. And now when I have a boyfriend to share it with it’s even better. I will try my best to keep doing blogmas from now on. And I wanted to start it off with listing my favorite Christmas songs.

Nothing get’s you into that festive feeling more than a great Christmas song. I am rather turned to liking Swedish Christmas songs a bit more than English. And I don.t know if it’s because i’m more used to them or if its more childhood memories connected to them.

1. The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York 

I mean this is a classic and I don’t think I need to say anything more. I can’t say I know 100% of everything they are saying or singing. But it makes it easier and more fun to sing-a-long to. I blast this song when I drive to work in December and I make sure I don’t care about any pronunciations.

2. Miss Li – Den vintertid nu kommer

I have always loved Miss Li, she have is one of Sweden’s most proud “jazz” and blues musicians. So when she made things song, originally for a commercial ad, I was really happy.

3. Tommy Körberg – O helga natt

This is the Swedish version of “O Holy Night”. I don’t know why I love the Swedish version so much. But it just sound better to me. And With Tommy’s deep voice on top of that. Is it not just the best?

4. Peter Jöback – Jag kommer hem till jul

To me its not Christmas until Peter sings. He also played the phantom of the opera in London a while back and did a wonderful job. He has such a wonderful voice and have done many Christmas albums to my delight.

5. 2BIC – I love you

I know this isn’t a “real” Christmas song and just a love song that has a video that has a bit of snow xD But it came out around January 2014 and to kinda listened to it A LOT around that time and so it became a Christmas-ish song to me. I know Korean music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But these guys….listen to their voices and how powerful they are. They have so much to say and so much feeling.

6. ABBA – Happy new year

I mean can you have a Swedish Christmas without ABBA? Funny thing is that this song also is me and my boyfriends current song. After we been going to dates etc we been listening to this on the radio so much that we said its probably “our song”. So I listen to it more often now than I usually would. But it’s still a classic

7. Michael Bublé – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Anything he makes is just… die for. His music is just so happy and chrismesy. I don’t think I need to say much more about it to be honest XD

8. Andreas Weise – Christmas Peacetime

This is the son to a huge Swedish Christmas Icon. So when he did a break through in music and later started making Christmas music I just died happy. I have had a HUGE crush on this guy when I was a teen.

9. Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

I mean can we go without having this classic song on the list? I think not!

10. Kelly Clarkson – Underneath The Tree

I find this song cute and easy to listen to. I dont have much to say more than that I like it alot.

I know there is some really good Christmas songs out there; did you think I missed one? what is your favorite Christmas song?

Did some christmas shopping at my fav decoration store in my hometown


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