The end of the 2010-century

It’s soon the end of 2010 century and I couldn’t be more okey with it than i am now. It haven’t been a very good century for me; bad relationships with both violence and mental bullying and a really bad boss who broke down both me and some other librarians.

But this last year I did the best thing I have ever done; I said no to bad boyfriends and shut them all out of my life as good as I could. And I moved back to my hometown and got a librarian job at a middle school. I haven’t felt so at peace or happy in a very long time.

I do still have an ex who keep reminding me he exist by trying to contact me. But I have nothing to say to him or nothing I want from him. So I’m ignoring all his attempts. But its also kinda annoying getting reminded of the past and the bad. A friend of mine told me people like him are just as important as you make them. So I will try not to think to much about him or his attempts. They are just simply…..junk mail.

I know he is reading my blog which have been the reason to why I haven’t posted in awhile. I got a bit scared when he sent me e-mails with the text “I read your blog and I see you been here and done this and that”. So I decided to take a break from my blog. But again…..why should it always be up to others and why do I let others decide what I do and don’t do? I love blogging, so what if he reads it?

I’m celebrating my new year and the start of a new century with my new boyfriend. He will come over at my parents house and celebrate with me and my brothers families. My parents truly like my new guy. He is so kind and understanding yet has a wit. He is also very calm which is a good thing considering I’m a very stressful person. He makes me a better and more calm person.

We met through Tinder. I can’t say I liked the idea of being on Tinder and all the weird guys on there made me fear meeting someone serious. So when I saw his profile I didn’t expect much, he had tattoos (which I thought would annoy my mom enough for it to be fun) but more than that: he had a smile of gold and those brown deep kind eyes made me swipe faster than I had ever done. And he swiped back on me, apparently he liked my bright smile and dimples. After that we just talked and we never seemed to stop.

I started to make scrapbook of my relationship with my wonderful Fernando. He liked the idea and we been planning it together. I want to post some pictures of it but I will do so when I’m more sure I like the result. So far I been making: How we met, first date, first kiss, our song, first Christmas together and I will also be making our first New Years together. I want to get myself an instax photo printer so I can print some Polaroids of us and put into the book. I don’t have that kind of money yet but maybe one day.

When it comes to my reading I been a bit better at it to be honest. I bet you haven’t heard of a librarian who don’t read but its extremely common. We do read, don’t get me wrong, but we read for work and not for pleasure. As a middle school librarian I been reading a lot of kids books. They are really good but my list on Goodread of books I want to read is just growing larger every day. Have you read a book recently you been loving?

My pen pal adventure have been going very well. I been making so many new friends which been lovely. I always forget to take pictures of the letters I’m making. But I want to be better at taking pictures of it and upload it on my instagram. So Hopefully I will remember it 2020.

Other things I want to start during 2020:

  • Upload more on my Instagram: both from my life and the letters I’m creating.
  • Blog more.
  • Try going for more walks and start swimming more.
  • Journal once every week.
  • Start writing erotica again (one short story a month should be easy enough with all work i do on weekdays).

Do you have any plans for the new year?

Much love,


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7 thoughts on “The end of the 2010-century

  1. ellieslondon says:

    This is a lovely post in all! It sounds like after all you have been through in this decade, you are at your best possible place to start the new decade which is wonderful! ♥️ Happiest of New Year’s in advance 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Niamh Kane says:

    I very recently blocked all my exes I was exhausted letting them fill a space I didnt have for them anymore. I commend you for taking charge of yours it’s not an easy feat. Your new bf sounds really supportive and the project shouts love in the very best way. Wishing you and your family and bf a very happy new decade ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

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