January is going better than I ever thought it would. 2020 is amazing so far

I been so busy with myself lately that I havent had the chance to sit down and just write. I put a goal for this year to write 12 short erotic novels, one every month and so far I’m keeping that promise. But my goal to write one a week on the log isnt going as well.

I started keeping a weekly journal where I write down all the things I find important and things I want to remember. Almost like a diary but not as personal. That Journal I been keeping and filling out. I also started reading more, I always read for my job but now I’m reading more for myself and things I want to read that has nothing to do with work. I started a bullet journal just for my reading so I can keep track of how much I read for work and for myself. As well as keep track of what I read when and how i liked it. I saw a youtuber do this and it inspired me to do the same. I will attach some photos of it below.

My love life is going more than well. This weekend we were going to a big aquarium to look at some sharks. My boyfriend knows sharks are my favorite animal and that i havent been to the aquarium in awhile. So he wanted to take me. Its very rare for us to both be free on the weekends together so we wanted to make the most of it. He surprised me with a hotel stay in the city so that he could take me out for dinner in the evevning. Its not far from home, probebly 1 h drive, but this small getaway weekend was just so amazing.

The start page
My goal in reading 70 books this year and my goal to read more different kind of books.
Bookshelf where i paint if the book i read is for my jobas a librarian or if its something i want to read for me
My january page and the TBR (to be read) this month. I decided to make this theme of the month from my fav book “howls moving castle”
All books i read during the month
And lastely Fav quote and fav book of the month

We stayed in a hotel close to the aquarium. So we went to see the sharks first and stayed for the majority of the day to look at all kinds of fishes and animals. Sadly the old hammer shark they had before had died and I couldnt see him as I hoped. But theys till had other kind of sharks. The lady who gave the shark tour didnt know as much of sharks as I did and she was wrong about some informations. Maybe I should be a shark tour guide in my next life?

We then went to check into the hotel and took an hour nap. He knows my chronic jaw pain can act up after a long day on my feet so he wanted me to rest before we went out again. So we took a nap, had a shower and put some fancy clothes on. Then we went to an italien place. They had really good past, I dont want to say the best pasta I have ever had considering I been to italy and had amazing food there. But it was still darn good. He had spagetti with meatballs and I took pasta with gorgonzola and chicken. He even rolled a meatball in true lady and the tramp style.

At the restuarant we got to sit at a table between 2 couples. They both was mid age and both my boyfriend and I find it fun to observe people and considering how close we sat it felt like we was in the same company yet we didnt know each other. The couple at the right of us had this very annoyed aura around them. The woman didnt seem happy about something and he couldnt be bothered to look or talk to her. Then his phone died and he threw it at the table all mad and wanted to get  home so he could charge it. So he ordered the waiter to get there and to let him have the bill very fast. He also ordered in a glass of prosseco that he made the woman basiccly drink in one go so they could leave. They didnt say many words to each other and both looked down in their phones most of the ime and when they did speak they sounded very passive aggressive or annoyed with each other.

They other couple to the left wasnt bad at all. But it was rather funny considering that the guy loved hockey, which was very clear considering how much he talked about it. Bu the talked so much about it and his team and what new players they bought and how they were going to win the next game that he didnt let his date talk at all. And if he just looked up at her he would notice she had no clue what he was talking about and she had not intrest in hockey at all.

Ii was also a younger couple behind my boyfriend that seemed to just had a huge fight. I couldnt really hear what they were saying but it looked like he was trying to get her forgivness and he plead with her. She sat with her arms crossed and refused to look at him and everytime he started saying soemthing she would just roll her eyes and shake her head like she didnt want to hear it. Only time i saw a nice expression on her face was when the dessert came in. But it quickly faded away when she realized he only ordered one for them to share. She then left for the toilet to be gone in more than 15 min. She hadent returned when we left the place and i felt for the guy. He really seemed to want to make something right and she just didnt want to hear it. Yet she let him take her to a nice and rather expensive place to eat even without giving him a chance. If she was that dead set on not forgiving him, maybe not go to the meeting and get an expensive free dinner. I dont know…..Then again i dont know them or what was beign said or what happened so i cant judge anyone.

Im getting my nail done tomorrow, this will be the second time im getting them done. I think i will go for a red or a green color. I’m not 100% sure yet. I did a coffin shape last time and i havent been super happy with it. It havent been wrong but i somehow dont like the shape on my fingers. So I will try something new, maybe an Almond shape?

On Thursday me and my boyfriend will go and look at an apartment. People tell me its very fast to move in together after just 3 months.  But if it feels right it just feels right. He is wanting to move from his cousin he lives with at this moment after he got a dog and my boyfriends cat isnt happy at all anymore. And I dont really like living temporarily with my parents at all. Moving back to your parents also means you will be treated as a kid again and they think they can control everything you do. I have lived on my own for 6 years. Im an adult. I just needed somewhere to stay for a quick time until i was on my feet again. I dont want to get rules on what i can o an not do and who i can see and shouldnt see. So I have started to argue with my mom who i love more than anything. But I think we are better friends when we dont share a roof.

And both me and my boyfriend feel like its just right between us and we do want to take the next step. He is 31 years old and I am 27. We know what we are looking for and what we want and we found that in each other. So what if its fast?

Its also soon Valentines day. I been thinking about what I want to do for my boyfriend and I have decided to make him some chocolate lollipops and a clemetine plushy. And I know u might wonder why a clementine but its just so simple that he loves them, a lot! Its just a Cute thing to do ^^ I’m also working on knitting a scraf for him. He knows I’m doing this though and if i’m lycky it might be done for that as well. We will see. I don’t want to make it into a big deal or to much so we need to top it every year because Valentines isnt a big thing for me anyway. I Think you should do small Cute things for your loved once everyday or once in awhile atleastw ithout it needed to be a special day for you to do it. It should be Valentines day everyday. ^^ We haven’t talked to much about it and what we will be doing. But its on a friday and I wouldnt mind just sitting in and watching a Movie together. I’m not very hard to please and I prefer stay at home dates.

And after this weekend I truly dont need much more. We have decided we will take random weekends from time to time just to et away just he and I. So we will see when and where we will go next time.

How is your new year going?

Much love



8 thoughts on “January is going better than I ever thought it would. 2020 is amazing so far

  1. Craig Loxton says:

    God things are working out for you Elin, being in a new relationship myself know how you feeling. However mine is long distance, we spent some time together over December holidays and hopefully spend more time together over Easter holiday period. It amazes me how you can read so many books. My goal is to try read 10 by year end.

    Do you read a lot at work?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elin's Era says:

      Im a librarian so I do read alot for my job 🙂 I’m a school librarian, at low and middle school, so its a lot of children and young adult books that I read. I try to read more adult fiction and non-fiction but its hard :/ I need to read so much for work that my reading for myself gets a bit behind.

      I dont have time to read at my job tho. All our reading time is at home at our free time, which not many people think. They usually think all we do is read and put books at a shelf. But I have no time at all to read at the job, maybe on a holiday or school field day. Do you have any special book you have your eyes on?

      I have read 8 books so far this year and tbf I feel like i been reading less than I usually should have.

      Liked by 1 person

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