Book review – Thornhill by Pam Smy

I usually dont write book Reviews but i felt like i needed to when it came to this book. Mosly because i felt like i needed to get it out of my system. It stuck with me and i cant stop thinking about it. Which is a good thing and i already consider it to be one of my favorit books read.

It tackles the subject of kids feeling lonely and not having friends of parents around to help them. If you liked the book coraline you know she too had parents who was way to busy for her which led her to the other mother who was preying on coralines feeling of being alone. Offering her all she ever wanted in Exchange for something in return, something dark and sinnerster.

Thornhill has the same concept but its played out in two parallell stories. One told in text and one told in Pictures. I will talk about each story seperetly because they both tell a very captivating story.

The story in text format is about the girl called Mary. Mary is an orphenage in a school together with other Girls her age. She is waiting to be adopted into a warm family who loves her. But her being very quite and not speaking and loving to create dolls it makes her into that strange kid. It doesnt make her into a girl a family want to adopt and it makes her teased by the other Girls. Mary starts off with talking about how she is scared of this one other girl. This other girl is Everything she isnt; Beautiful and talks without any problem. But she is bullying Mary and have for a long time. We follow Mary’s story through her diary and it all takes Place in the 80’s.

Ella is the girl we get to follow in the story with just illustrations. Ella is living alone with her Always working dad. Her mom seemed to have died rather recently leaving Ella to raise herself in the home. It all takes Place in the present time. She and her dad just moved next to an old abandonned Institute for Children (ThornHill). She Thinks she can see a Little girl walk around and feels like this girl might be as lonely as her and she want to figure out what happened to her.

In the end the stories come to an sync and we get to see the horrifying ending of two Girls being slowly forgotten.

Some negative pointers i have about this book is that mits not clearly explain in the beginning how the story works and when the Pictures are located and what time. It took me awhile to figure out it was two seperate stories and i was very confused not getting the diary entires to fully go well with the Pictures. Then when i figures out the pectures was a different girl in the present it all made more sense. I fear that if it took me, who read a lot, a bit to figure this out it might take my students longer. And maybe it was my faukt for going blindly into this book wthout Reading much about it.

Another pointer is the fact that the ending is very predicteble. I saw it a mile away but i’m not super mad Abou it because the author was brave enough not to give it a happy ending. I know most spooky books dont have happy endings. But i feel like we try harder not to have sad or unhappy endings. But its just what gives it that creepyness in my opinion. But if it bothers yu that you will figure out the ending after a third of the book, it might just not be for you.

I havent seen this done Before and i’m happily surprised about it. I want to read more books done in this fashion and i want to read what Pam Smy can come up with.

Add me as a friend on Goodreads if you want to check out the books im currently Reading and my thoughts on them. I read alot in my job as a school librarian but mostly YA and kids books.

Have you read this book?

Do you think it sound like a good read?

What is your favorite book of all time?

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Book review – Thornhill by Pam Smy

  1. Hasan Adan says:

    Great review Elin. I haven’t read this book yet but it sounds interesting and a good read and hopefully I’ll read a copy soon. One of my favourite books that I keep coming back to is ‘The Collected Works of Khalil Gibran’ its a mix of all his prose, poems and short stories. It filled with so much emotions ranging from joy, pain and sorrow and each chapter has a different narrator so the reader always has to come to their own conclusions and sometimes I have to walk away from the book and take a break just to think about the last chapter. Hope you have an awesome friday.

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