Warm blood ~ Josh Tierney (comic)

I was given an e-arc of this book by the publisher through Edelwiess+ to give an honest review.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4/5 stars

Warm blood is an still ongoing high school mystery webcomic. Its written by JoshTierney and each scene or chapter is made by a different artist. The story is about a rather silent girl called Penny who decides not to go to an all girl high school with her friends but into a public school. This is to follow her dream as a game dev and she is hoping to find more gaming friends at this school.

She soon makes new friends at this school but there is also alot of weirdness going on. First we are introdued to a second year guy who admits he been killing a guy and he keeps on admitting he is the murder everyone is looking for. Yet no one seem to bat an eye about this. We also have a very overly happy girl who seem lesbian and want nothing but being in a relationship with Penny but its nothing thats ever spoken out load more than that she wants to be pennys BFF. We also have an alien mystery and a sleepover at halloween. It feels like a high school drama comic filled with mystery weirdness.

This webcomic have alot of very talented artists working on this and soemtimes it felt like a new comic when the style changed. It made it a bit choppy to read. But i do like that the art style could change the mood of what was happening too. The charecter design is made by Afu Chan so the charecter still look the same.

Something that bothered me for a long time until i just ”went with it” was that we never got an explanation to all the weird stuff. Why is there a giant shrimp in Pennys class that her friend is inlove with? Why is there a man made out of metal called metal head? Is this to show the difference between kids in a public school and a private school? Or is it a magic world? Or is this a world with mutants?

This bothered me so much that i couldnt think of the story the first time i read it. After i went back to it a second time I picked my own answeres to all my questions. And i could follow the story alot better. I dont think we should think to much about it, maybe its a story with questions that will drive us to read more to figure them out. I dont know but I do feel a huge want in reading volume 2 to see if it answeres my questions and if what i think is correct.

I would not suggest this as an easy read comic or even to someone who dont read much comic since before. It does need som kind of time to understand it fully. With that said its also filled with alot of nerdy content like Pokemon, Yuri on ice, manga/anime references as well as other comic references (batman etc). Just to name a few.


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