Book Review – My happy Life by Rose Lagercrantz

Title: My happy life

Author: Rose Lagercrantz

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5 stars)

Visa källbilden

I know this is an older book and it has some years on its neck. But the last book came out last year and i felt it was time to read them. This probably one of the better children’s books I been reading this year. I was very sceptical about this series at first. But considering all the kids at the school library I work at read it and loved it I felt like I had to jump on the hype train as well. Maybe not to like the book myself but so I could answer the question “what can I read now? I want a book similar to this”.

The first book “My happy Life” we are introduced to Danielle or also called Dunne (she is called Dani in the English version) and Dunne is by far the happiest person ever. Not only is she starting school which she loves and look forward too but she also makes a new best friend; Ella Frida. Dunne and Ella does everything together. But one day Ella comes with the sad news she has to move far away and leave Dunne. This is something Dunne wasn’t on board with. Dunne becomes sad and want nothing but get Ella back to school and to her.

In the series of all 6 books we will follow Dunne and Ella growing older but still trying everything they can to still be best friends; they call each other, they plan trips in the summer together, and they send letters to one and another.

The main focus of these books are Dunne and Ellas friendship and how friendship can overcome and obstacle. But it also have some side stories and we get to see Dunne in school situations that kids today can find themselves in; being picked on, going on school trips, making class projects.

We also get side stories to Dunnes family. Her mom died when she was very young and she lives alone with her father. But further into the story and the third book her dad fins a new love and we get to follow how this effects Dunne.

Visa källbilden

The books are packed with things I think any kid can relate too. Even me as a 27 year old sat on the edge of my seat rooting for their beautiful and pure friendship and I laughed multiple times. The first book is rather short and the books get longer further into the series (the harry potter effect). But it’s also packed with beautiful illustrations.

It is a chapter book but I wouldn’t be too scared of giving this book to younger kids considering the amount of illustrations you have. The text gets heavier and we do get less illustrations further into the series. But if we consider the fact there was a book release every year and we get to follow Dunne grow up. I think you can see it as the audience and the readers grew up alongside to Dunne as well as their reading ability.

The book is a perfect book to read out loud in a classroom or for your child at home. It has many things you can discuss with the kids and keep it interesting and fun.

What was your favorit book as a Child?

Happy Reading,

Elin Adler


14 thoughts on “Book Review – My happy Life by Rose Lagercrantz

  1. estherikott says:

    There was a series by a Nigerian author I enjoyed reading as a child.
    Eventful series was the title, lots of folktales merged into the book and right now I can’t even seem to remember the name of the author apart from his first name “Sylvanus”


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