Soon summerbreak

So much been going on lately for me not to write a blogpost. Again I guess I Always say that :/ But work been stressful lately with Corona and Everything around it. I havent read much books (according to myself) to feel like i can write Reviews on them. Atleast I havent read anything I want to write about. Nothing has been that good or that bad. Its just been books who been there….they are fine and good to pass time but thats been it.

I recently had to go to the ER for a gastric ulcer or gastritis. I got to go home whith some pills and i would get a date booked for a gastroscopy. I cant say im looking forward to that. So for now im under a strict diet and medication.

I been having this for 3-4 years now but its been getting worse. I hope me changing my diet plan and taking the right medication will make it better and that i wont need a surgery.

I have this and next week left of work until i have 4 weeks off. I hope i can get some Writing and Reading done during that time. I been missing doing anything else but working, eating, sleeping.

I also would like to go to a zoo and maybe visit the ocean. I also want to start swimming again and might start going to the outdoor pool to do some laps.

Hopefully i will have more time to blog aswell. I truly miss the interaction i usually had with you guys. But i been so tired for all the pain and work that i havent had the energy to actually do it.

I do have a couple book Reviews coming soon aswell as a book haul.

Are you going anywhere or doing something fun this summer?

Much love,

Elin Adler


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