How to Get Away with Myrtle (A Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery) by Elizabeth C. Bunce

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Thank you to Edelweiss+ to have given me a free arc for an honest review

Title: How to Get Away with Myrtle (A Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery)

Author: Elizabeth C. Bunce

Pages: 352

Grade/age: grade 5, between ages 10-18

Realese date: October 6, 2020


Myrtle Hardcastle dont really want to go on a relaxing travel excursion with her aunt Helena. Especially not when there is more importan things to do like sit home and follow different murder trials.

Myrtle is thrilled to make the acquaintance of Mrs. Bloom, a professional insurance investigator aboard to protect the priceless Northern Lights tiara. But before the train reaches its destination, both the tiara and Mrs. Bloom vanish. When Myrtle arrives, she and Peony discover a dead body in the baggage car. Someone has been murdered—with Aunt Helena’s sewing shears.

Myrtle’s once belived boring summer becomes much more fun than she thought to begin with.

My thoughts:

I got a lot of the orientexpress and Sherlock holmes murder mystery vibes from this, but written in a juvenile style. This is the second book about Myrtle and The first one will be realesed on the same date as this one so i havent had the chance to read it yet. But I loved this one. Im not saying that considering i was given a free arc on this book. Im a very picky reader, ESPECIALLY when i hear someone talk about Sherlock holmes.

But i found this to be very witty and funny. Myrtle had a way of making things intresting and a way to explain the surrounding that made me want to read more. I also loved that it was set in the victorian time and that she, as a lady, wasnt allowed to have a job or an intrest in murder mysteries.

I dont know what i would do if i was only allowed to be a good looking piece in a room. I was made to be pretty like a doll but not speak and not work. It would sound like the most boring life ever. Myrtle do what she truly wants and what she is passionet about even if she sometimes takes a step back to make others in her surrounding happier.

I could recommend this book to adults just as much as Children. I sat smiling through most of the book and i found it very entertaining and not at all childish.

At this Point i want to read more about myrtle and will make sure to get my hands on the other book.

You can buy or order the book here ——> Click on this text <——-

Do you Think this sound like a fun book?

Much love,

Elin Adler


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