2021 reading challanges I want to try out

Last year sure was a weird year for me. I got sick alot in the end of it. It wasn’t covid-19 thank goodness but I was never the less really unwell. I couldnt work and entire december I just stopped Reading. Which is very unlike me.

I still managed to read 296 books last year and decided to aim for 400 books this year, 2021. I know it sound like a lot of books but considering i read alot of Childrens, teen and Young adult books i dont Think it should be to hard. To me a picture book, graphic novel and manga counts as a book. And I read alot of them!

I still wanted to try to be in 2 different challanges this year. I decided to be in 2 smaller challanges to not overwhelm myself with to much to do. I still have work and Everything at home to figure out aswell.

Even if i wish i could just sit and read all day i dont Think i actually can. There is Always dinner or dishes that needs to be done.

This year i want to try a mini read challange hosted by Bookstacks and Golden moms:

January – A book you bought 2020 but never read

February – A book with non-romantic love (sibling, family, parent-child, friendship)

March – A book written by a person of a different race than me

April – A book with an Autistiv main charecter ( April is autism awareness)

May – A book about a nurse (nat. Nurses week 20021 is may 6-12).

June – A co-written book (2 authors)

July – A christmas book

August – A book by an indie author (self-publisher or independent)

September – A memoir/biography

October – A book written by a new-to me author

November – A book outside my normal genre or outside my comfort reading

December – A backlist title (published before 1 jan 2021).

So in total this will be 12 different kind of books for every month. Something fun to look into every month.

Another challange i want to try is the AtoZ challange but as a Swede I will make it AtoÖ. This is a rather laid back challanger that makes the reader pick a book that start with every letter of the alphabet. Normally this would mean 26 books but considering I added the Swedish letters Å, Ä and Ö I will have 29.

As you can see its not big Reading challanges and considering I will read 400 books total I Think I can manage to fit the challanges in this year.

Something I Always wanted to try was read as much as I can for 24 h. This doesnt mean i should skip sleep and only read for 24 h but see how many books/pages I could manage to finish if i only focus on Reading for a day. Im not sure I want to try this out this year but I will see. Right now I feel way to tired after being sick for almost a month and I dont Think I can manga it. But maybe when the summer comes and its not as dark and gloomy outside I could start consider it.

I watched many youtubers to this challange and it Always amazes me how much people actually can read in 24 h. As a dyslexic person I dont Think I could finish as much as them. But it would still be fun to see how much I could manage, for my own.

Im also going to try and read one classic every month. Some of the ones I will read are re-reads from my youth and some will be new to me.

I will also try to post my progression every wednesday.

Have you put up any Reading challanges/plans or maybe any books you plan on Reading this year?

Much Love,

Miss Elin


20 thoughts on “2021 reading challanges I want to try out

  1. Cherrie Zell says:

    What fascinating ideas. Many years ago, I would play a game (a type of challenge) by randomly selecting a book from a randomly selected aisle in the town library. The only other rule, beside the randomness, was that the spine could only be a centimetre or so in size. Now’s there is social media feeds. Just not the same. Might try playing it again. Enjoy your 2021 challenges. Sounds like fun too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. foufhyunnie says:

    I only read 6 books so far…. usually i can read up to 30-40 books/year, because of my busy schedule, i hope i can manage to read more this year .. It has been always challenging 🙂


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