Blogmas begins

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” 

—Edna Ferber

During the beginning of the holiday I’m usually very busy with cleaning. During this time of year I decide to do a deep clean of my apartment. This is of course not a bad idea at all but sometimes it really feel like a big bother.

I have this year also decided to declutter my life and throw away or donate things I really don’t use anymore. As a librarian I have an issue with wanting to save everything. Even half used notepads (even though I write everything digitally these days). I have the mindset “This could  – someday  – maybe – come in handy!”.

I have decided to give myself a new fresh start. This will of course not happen over night and I have given myself the time until valentines day next year.

But it felt natural to do this as I started Christmas cleaning.

For this day I wanted to share a formula of a room spray that makes your house or apartment smell amazing!

I picked it up myself a couple of years ago when I started to feel like some room sprays only added smell but not take the other odor away. It instead costed a lot of money to have a room that smelled a bit iffy but with an over tone of good. Does that make sense?

This spray will take care of the rooms odor that you want to hide and add that fresh smell.

What you will need:

  • One spray bottle
  • One tablespoon of baking soda
  • Three cups of lukewarm water
  • Three tablespoons of fabric softener

How your room will smell depends on what softener you are using. I myself love the smell of newly washed clothes so this trick is amazing. Its also rather easy to mix all these together and most people usually have most these things at home already.

Do you have any cleaning tips to share?

Good luck with your cleaning!

Merry Blogmas,



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