How to get into the Christmas spirit

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”

– Bob Hope

Christmas is just getting closer and closer, can you feel it? If you aren’t like me and have been going crazy for 2 months already and having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit; this is the list for you.

  • Play Christmas music

This should be a rather obvious one. I myself have listened to Christmas music for way to long. So long people been complaining at me! But every time I feel like i’m going to do something to do with Christmas I feel a need to have the right tunes for it!

So dust of that Christmas CD and blast it with pride! Now its after all the 2nd of December.

  • Light up the house and decorate

This could be so many things! If you can’t feel the Christmas spirit around you it might be because you live in a Grinch house with no Christmas decorations. Surround you with the joy of Christmas. Light up that house with silly lights, stars in the windows, snow globes, candles, Santa figures?

Let your mind run free and surround yourself with Christmas both inside and outside.

  • Set up your tree

And we cant have a Christmas without a tree! Come on! This is basic things! Put that Tree up and decorate it together with some friends, family or your grumpy cat!

In my family we take in the tree one day before Christmas eve (that in Sweden is the 24th), so we take it in and decorate it around the 23rd. But in my apartment I usually take in a tree before the 5 December. In a couple days you will see my amazing tree.

  • Bake something

In my opinion Christmas is all about all that candy, cookies and different bread you bake! All the smells from the baking just makes the apartment or house smell so good and like Christmas.

So try baking something; why not try making a gingerbread house?


  • watch Christmas movies

If you are on the lazy time of the day a movie and hot chocolate never goes wrong! Pick one of the more traditional movies, they never die no matter how many times you watch them. Or try something new!

I recently saw Christmas Chronicle and fell inlove!

  • Dress up and go out

Dress up nice and go out with friends! Christmas is not the holiday to be alone. Its about friends and family! Go ice skating, have a christmas dinner, take a swedish fika?

A fika = cup of coffee and a cookie at a cafe. Could also be any other drink or sweets. We are very open.

  • Window shopping or Christmas market

I love Christmas markets. I usually go to Germany every year with my mom. Last year we celebrated 10 years of going together. But this year we didn’t have the time to plan it in sadly. But There are tons of markets around where i live.

Here they sell everything from sweets, homemade handicrafts etc. Or just walk around with friends and have a warm drink.

  • Take time for yourself

Even though Christmas is a holiday for family and friends I cant stress enough that you also matter. Take time for yourself! Take a bath, cuddle up with a book and just relax. Don’t push yourself and try to make every day better than the day before.

We need time to charge the battery as well!


  • Make time for others

If you usually don’t put time towards others I would suggest that this is the time to do so. Help people in need, maybe try donating something: with this I don’t mean money but you could also give toys your kids don’t use anymore to kids who wont receive gifts this year.

This is the time for giving and thinking about others.

Do you have any good tips on ho to get a better Christmas spirit?

Merry Blogmas,



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