Rise Up Diaries ~ 4 July

Last episode: Rise Up Diaries 2 July Yesterday I had a rather painful day. I woke up and had the sensation that someone had beaten me all night with a hammer in my face. My jaw pain was so extreme. I tried taking my strongest pills which didn't work. But after sleeping most of the … Continue reading Rise Up Diaries ~ 4 July

Rise Up Diaries ~ 2 July 2019

Former episode: https://elinsera.com/2019/07/01/rise-up-diaries-1-july-2019/ Today have been a very rainy day. Perfect for reading I thought! Warm sock boots, tea, my Cat (Sherlock Holmes as he is named) and good books. Today's weather and genre of books reminded me of a horrible teacher I had as a middle schooler. My disslike of her started after she … Continue reading Rise Up Diaries ~ 2 July 2019