Popular books I never read

Something that really irritate me off with he reading Community is when people judge what others read or dont read. In Sweden some people say its “fin” or “ful” literatur. Whats that means is roughly that there is good and bad literature, not bad as in bad….but more…..something you should be ashamed for reading. Something you shouldnt proudly show or talk about. Who decides what is good or bad is a rather good question.

I Heard erotica, feel-good, comics, manga or sloppy teen books isnt good books. What you should read for it to be good is heavier more serious books, classics or even nobel prized Winners. When I was a kid librarians had this way of looking at things. They would roll their eyes when you asked about a special book because they were ashamed to have it on their shelves because they considered it bad. And they didnt really want people to read it because it wasnt accepted as good enough literature. Today this isnt really a problem. Today libraraians (as far as I know) dont pay to much attention to what people read. We are just happy people read. But I can still see some older senior librarians who dont like some genres and books.

In my opinion there is no such thing as good or bad literature. No matter what you read you are still Reading and Reading is good. Sure a manga or a comic wont expand knowledge or deeper meanings in the way of a non-fiction would. But it can still teach us things. And we are Learning how to analyze a Picture. All books arent to learn from or to grow from or change our opinions on something. Some book sare written and made for us to enjoy and thats fine.

Just because a book or genre isnt our cup of tea we shouldnt judge the people who love it. Or thats my philosophy. But many people have felt inclinde to tell me whats appropiate that i read and dont. I have Heard it all:

“How dare you call yourself a librarian if you havent read this?!”

“How can you do such a horrible crime and not like this genre!”

“What do you mean you like this genre but never read this authors books!? They are classics!!!”

I dont know why my Reading anger people so much and why they take it so personal like im attacking or insulting them. I have many reasons why i dont read books and I should have the right to decide my own Reading, even though I am a librarian.

When people hear im a librarian they suddenly think I shouldnt read sloppy books for enjoyment but only classics and really heavy books. But I like to read and enjoy books as much as others. And I love erotica, which is the worst genre of them all apperently.

It even went so far that I marked some books on my Goodreads “as read” just because people wouldnt stop attacking me. Some would Think I just forgot to click it in as read but when they Heard I legit havent, it made them very mad.

Because of some supportive comments on my last blogpost were I revied a book I didnt want to read but read for the mass people who got mad at me. I decided to start a blog series were i will be Reading the books i havent read which anger people.

I will be Calling this series “Popular books I never read”. The first books I read in this series was “the selection” by Kiera Cass.

Next book in this series will be “Harry Potter”. Yes, I have NEVER read Harry Potter. Im sorry! To know why I havent and my opinion on Harry potter (the first book) stay tuned.

Much Love,

Elin Adler


7 thoughts on “Popular books I never read

  1. Anthony says:

    As an ESL teacher, I am often confronted by this view by the students themselves. I have had students who tell me they want to read in English. When I ask them what they read in their own language, they say they don’t read. I ask them why they think it would be different in English.

    I always tell my students that reading will help them, but I don’t tell them what they have to read. I tell them to find something they like first and foremost–whether that be articles, comics, books, or subway advertisements.

    I like literature, but I also like manga, magazine articles, and lots of other things. The value of these things are mine to judge, not others.

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  2. michellekstone says:

    Wow, you know some people who are very judgemental about books! I may not agree with someone’s choice of books but I would never criticise. I only get judgemental with those people who say (and always proudly, I don’t know why) “I haven’t read a book since I left school.” Those people I judge, plentifully.

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  3. starlightreadingtx says:

    I hate when people judge you for what you’ve read or haven’t read. I refuse to spend my time reading book that I’m not interested in because the popular opinion says I should. Life is too short! I always encourage people to read what they love!!


  4. IdleEmma says:

    I think it’s fine that you haven’t read Harry Potter, plenty of good reasons to not read it now, like not wanting to read a book by someone who is transphobic and writes terrible essays discrediting them.


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