Autumn thoughts

Going from a very warm summer, to be Sweden at least, to this cold rainy weather. It have really made my body all confused.

I want to say sorry for not posting more often but many things have happened. At this moment my dad is in the hospital and I’m 4 hours away and can’t really visit him. Tomorrow my british boyfriend, Vince, is leaving to England for a family trip. What I know he might be gone for around 2-3 weeks.

This have all kinda thrown me off and I haven’t really had any mood to write. I hope you all forgive me.


This autumn though I have started to fall in love with the color combo of Teal + brown + orange. I have also realized the wonder of vintage knitted cardigans.

Sweaters could be a wide variety of colors, often bright ones like red, yellow and blue. In spring pastel colors like rose, white, and powder blue. Solid color sweaters were the most versatile item for a standard vintage wardrobe.

Besides beading decorative embroidery or ribbon applique on the sweater fronts, they had floral or patriotic themes.

The cute character sweaters with knit in designs of animals, insets, fruit, flowers and seasonal icons are highly collectible today. Women of the ’40s certainly embraced some whimsy in their sweater choices. They came in both pullover style and button up as well as long and short sleeves.

I myself don’t know much about knitting. I love it don’t get me wrong but I haven’t created anything more than a scarf. If you are interested to find some inspo check these links out: Free knitted patterns.

What are something you are planning to do in the autumn?

Any fun projects starting?



27 thoughts on “Autumn thoughts

  1. inknpaper85046788 says:

    sending hugs and love your way! Believe me when I say that you are loved no matter what. I know what it means to have to wait in your house and not at the hospital. I was not able to visit my dad when he was in the hospital. But, he was with me, not in body of course, but surely in thoughts and love. Human beings are so finite. We think that the physical connection is the more powerful connection of all. It is not. We are pure energy and we connect even if we are not in the same room holding hands. sending love to you….you are loved!

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  2. retrodee says:

    I hope your dad is OK. I am sorry to hear he is in the hospital. I love 40’s sweaters, all sweaters actually (except for maybe some of those ugly 80’s ones) I have lots of blog projects for the fall plus still trying to re-do my room. 🙂

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  3. roninjax says:

    Prayers and thoughts for your Dad and the family. No doubt it becomes stressful with the distance away. Writing life shouldn’t be a burden and people understand. I think it’s fine for everyone to take care of situations when they arise. I look at it as trying to enjoy the journey.

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  4. texaslizard says:

    I know how you feel with your dad. Hope he recovers quickly and positive thoughts are directed your way. For the fall I have 2 quilts to make by Christmas. I love quilting in the cooler weather. Being from Texas it’s still in the 100’s here.

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  5. odell01 says:

    A male friend has rendered some photos of me into pictures more intricate. I am looking forward to this autumn as a fun project choosing from his thoughts on them. I think of them for profile photos on Facebook that represent my account. Whether a project could expand from that start, I imagine it could. But I grapple with the question of if.

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