Vintage Inspired Makeup

Disclaimer: This is by no mean sponsored and it is my true thought on the product.


I have never been a makeup girl. I remember that my mom used lipstick when I was a kid but she stopped rather soon when I got older. My dad hated the thought of makeup that would hide my beautiful face.

So he always said he didn’t want to sponsor such a thing. So as a teen I never really tried makeup. And my dad kept saying that if someone didn’t like they way I looked without makeup; they could fuck off.

To be honest he is very right; makeup is expensive, it makes you doubt your true beauty and you somewhat gets a bit nervous about not showing yourself without it.

When I turned 19 I had my first prom. This was also the first time in my life I had makeup. I wasn’t a big fan. I thought it made me look weird.

Something I was a fan of was blood red lipstick. My mom didn’t know but when she stopped using lipsticks I found one and stole it. It was a dark brown/purple color.

I just thought it looked so sophisticated and beautiful with a pale skin and darker lips. I myself can’t really get that pale skin but I could buy lipstick.

So when I turned 23 I bought my first lipstick. Soon I will be 26 (my birthday is on the 22nd september). And I bought my first foundation and powder.

I want to talk about this wonderful powder. I don’t know much about makeup or how to look the best with it. And I will say I bought this powder for the cute package.

“Bésame transforms women to become elegant, strong and feminine. Besame provides products that give them confidence to achieve wealth and success. Besame makes all women feel special and glamorous.”

I really admire girls that can do makeup. And I wish I could do more and knew more. At the same time I’m very glad my dad made me love myself for who I am. But I will dive into the world of makeup and find what works for me.

Above you see a quote from the company that I bought this powder from. It’s called Bésame and is a vintage inspired makeup.

“Through a keen eye for color and historical expertise, we recreate modern reproductions of classic luxury makeup from the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, designed to make women feel elegant, inspired, and empowered by their beauty.”

This powder is a brightening powder that will hide dark circles and redness. It also smells like vanilla.

As not an avid makeup user I can’t really say if its better than anything else. But I know it makes my redness and dark circles under my eyes less visible.


So I’m a huge fan.

And I believe that the higher price is rather valuable when it comes to the wonderful tin it comes in. Its a wonderful piece by itself and you can use it for other trinkets after. Like buttons or sewing needles.

So are you looking for a great product that is inspired from another era. I would recommend this.

I myself have on my shopping list to try out their lipstick and eye shadow palette after this.




Have you ever tried Besame?

Maybe you will now after this review?



20 thoughts on “Vintage Inspired Makeup

  1. inknpaper85046788 says:

    this is too cool! Thnak you for sharing it!!!! Vanilla is my fav.! I used to buy anything vanilla when I was a teenager in Italy. And I love Vintage stuff! Here where I live Vintage stuff are not trendy…sadly…and I am struggling to find cool things to wear and to collect.

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  2. fiber&photography says:

    I was raised without makeup (for religious reasons). I do wear it occasionally now, for several reasons.
    It keeps me from touching my face (really, it helps, and at 39, it’s the only thing). I don’t tend to remember if I applied that day, so it’s a good little tic to have.
    I rarely wear foundation. I have good skin that I don’t want or need to hide or airbrush. I do use a base (clear) to help with application. Every bit of a makeup routine is optional (except washing your face).
    Really, though, you seem to have found your groove. You have a look you like (bold lip), and you’re building from there. But do you know how to keep your lip from running, creasing, fading, leaving marks? Start there. Setting power and paper. 🙂 Old school, but still works!

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