So I found this professor article about how much different chores burn in calories. And many of them really chocked me so I thought it could be fun to share them with you. And somehow it fits into my blogging as a 40’s and 50’s housewife. How to burn calories and still clean your house.


For reference I have this:

  • A person will burn about 228 calories during a 5 km if he or she runs a 10-minute per mile pace.
  • If you choose to walk a 5 Km course, you’ll burn approximately 186 calories, according to the American Council on Exercise.


1. Mopping & Sweeping the floor

156 Calories / Hour

I LOVE to do the mopping to be honest. I usually put on some nice music and use the mop as a microphone stand. I hope I’m not alone in doing this.


2. Cleaning the Bathroom

360 Calories / Hour

I can’t say I’m very happy in cleaning the bathroom but with 360 calories / hour it might get me to do it more often.


3. Vacuuming

170 Calories / Hour

I hate vacuuming for the reason that it spits out hot air and makes me sweat even more. Maybe that’s a good thing though.


4. Cleaning the Windows

140 – 300 Calories / Hour

Because my apartment is facing a big road and is on the first floor I have to do this a lot. Otherwise you can’t see out. Good to know I’m gaining something out of it.


5. Decluttering / Cleaning the Closet

85 Calories / Hour

I do this way to less. I love to save things. I think I have the “it could be good to have” mentality.


6. Mowing the Lawn.

325 Calories / Hour

Good calorie rate but this will never be something I will do. My dad never let me do it at home either, it was something my brothers got to do and to stand there in the heat. Not my thing.


7. Cooking Dinner

150 Calories / Hour

I love cooking dinner. This I gladly do daily.


8. Shoveling Snow.

415 Calories / Hour

In Sweden, as I live, this must be something we can gain something on every day. But its so goddamn heavy >.<


9. Light Gardening

250 Calories / Hour

With light gardening it means just picking some flowers, veggies and doing all the fun things.


10. Painting

290 Calories / Hour

Painting the walls that is. Maybe a great time to repaint a room in the apartment / house.


11. Moving House or Rearranging the Furniture

400 Calories / Hour

Moving is something I usually do for my friends. I mostly helped to get that thank-you-pizza after. But 400 calories, damn, so worth now.


12. Talking on the Phone

90 Calories / Hour

I always walk and talk in the phone. Don’t really know why, its just a thing I do. But to think it burns 90 calories feels nice.


13. Styling your Hair

190 Calories / hour

Mm, hold that hair driers, pliers, hair up etc. is killing my arms. And to do a vintage 1940s hairdo might take at least 30 min if not more. Now I know it almost to 100 calories to my arms.



23 thoughts on “Chore-Workout

  1. inknpaper85046788 says:

    This is so cool! Lol… Talking on the Phone is my fav. I can do that all day long! Which means…90X8 hours: 720 …which means I can burn 720 calories in a day by just talking on the phone….heaven….. do you think talking on the phone in a foreign language might add to the 720??? lol
    Your posts are always wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. stylexperimentwithasma says:

    Woww I knew that house chores are great for body but thank you for telling us exactly how much. Love and appreciation I love cooking and moping 😻🖐

    Liked by 1 person

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