I started dating

So this week I had my first date in a very long time and I know it might seem very strange after my other recent post. But just because I wrote about rather recent doesn’t mean my final goodbye to my ex was that recent. We had the official break up in September last year and haven’t really been together since then. We been talking and trying, or rather i been trying, but its been a big wall for a couple of months.

I as i mentioned in the other post Went on tinder and started talking to people. My goal wasn’t to find anyone to be honest. But I just wanted to make myself realize i wasn’t so bad as i been feeling around my ex. I wanted to feel wanted and I wanted to feel like I wouldn’t be single forever. And it felt nice to slowly talk to people and just get over both my ex and to more on with my Life.

What I found was a very cute guy who is very respecting of me. I Think it might be because I only been dating younger guys, but I finally feel like I found a man and not a confused boy who doesn’t have his things together. This guy is around 4 years older than me and he took my away on tinder with just being normal and not weird. Most guys on tinder are weird and I just don’t have patient with weird at this moment.

When we got to talk I realized he is very different from me and anything I have dated Before. But not in a bad way. I’m a very stressed person who overthink almost Everything and worry about EVERYTHING. He is rather laid back, has his stuff sorted and just act logical. He also dons’t take any shit from people around him and do bite back. So I Think we could learn and compliment each other.

Then again I can’t say i’m in love because love is a very big Word. But I do fancy him and he do make me happy on a Daily basis. We Went to see the new Joker-Movie. I’m a huge joker fan so I thought it would be a good fun geeky date. I can’t say I hated the Movie because its great, it truly is. But its not what I wanted from the joker.

I love the fact that the joker is this mysterious crazy man who do anything for a laugh. So its rather hard for me to see him so….human, if that makes sense. If i didn’t love the crazy part of the joker so much i Think i would have enjoyed the Movie a lot more. And i cant say I like the age difference they made on Bruce Wayne and the joker. What did you Think of the Movie?

I was super nervous Before the date though. As an introvert I’m a rather socially akwarde person. Which is weird because at work i’m super social and I have no problems standing in front of 25 people holding a lecture. Or even small talk and have fun with people coming into the library. But a date….with a guy? I freaked out, big time.

I Think a Movie is a good option considering i’m an introvert and I haven’t met him and kinda just wanted to feel the “vibe” etc. But I do also feel like I wish I had a better chance of talking to him and getting to know him more. We had a Little talk Before the Movie, flirted and had a but of a laugh during the Commercial. Then we just watched the Movie, like you do in a Cinema.

After that we walked to our cars together. I could tell he didn’t want to though because he was taking his time with Everything and being rather slow, stopping to look at stuff etc. When we got to his car (which was parked closer than mine was) he offered me a ride to my car. I said ok but I didn’t want to impose. But It’s been a lot of scary stuff happening in the city and I would rather not walk alone in the dark as the paranoid person I am.

And i did feel a tiny bit bad because my car wasn’t that for off. I could have walked there in 3 minutes. But I did like the gesture so I did accept the offer. He drove me to my car and we talked a bit in the car. He helped me with the ice on the windows and expressed concerns I was going to drive home in the dark without any Winter tires on my car. it was cute and sweet. We hugged and said our goodbyes.

I jumped into my car and he didn’t drive away until i did to see I got away safe (i presume, for all i know he might have put Music on. But let me live in a Dream World for once).

It was a good date, I enjoyed it and I Think he did too because he expressed very fast that he wanted to see me again. We been trying to work our schedule out. He works night shifts and I work during the day. So its not very easy making plans to meet. But at the same time I don’t want it to go to quickly forward. I want to be sure this time so I want to take my time and really get to know him first 😀

So ever since the date I been super happy and feeling like I have a lot of energy. My military dad and overprotective big brother been trying to find information on him. xD I Think that after all my ex’s they want to make sure this one isn’t as “bad” as the rest been. And they want me to finally be happy. Which I really do appreciate.

Might invite him to a hcokey game (as i’m a huge hockey nerd). Let him see my aggressive screaming at the judge side xD Wee will see.

Do you have any dating tips?

A great place to go on a date that would be perfect?

Much love,



11 thoughts on “I started dating

  1. Clara Nyström says:

    Grattis! Ta det lugnt och fint så ska du se att du hittar rätt kille, du verkar ju ha fått en bra start iallafall. Kanske hjälper det att du har familjen nära den här gången så du inte skyndar på för fort för att du är ensam. Du har tid!

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  2. Robert Partington says:

    I just posted a singles piece a week ago. It’s probably not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but you might find some aspects of it helpful. First dates are often exciting but sometimes superficial vs. what you discover about people when the “stuff of life” happens. My advice to ladies is to always to drill down on character early on and try to maintain healthy moral boundaries while you build a friendship. Good luck!

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    • Elin's Era says:

      ^^ thank you ^^ My first date was a long time ago tho and we been steady dating for months now 🙂 So im not having those problems atm ^^ But thnk you for the information :DI bet its very helpful


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