TBR in May

I have so much I need to be Reading but that I just havent been Reading yet. I keep a Reading journal to keep up with Everything i read. I know I can check it on my Goodreads as well but I like the creative outlet I get from creating every monthly spread.

I been trying to keep it to a book theme every month:

January: Howls moving castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

February: Pride and prejustice by Jane Eyre.

March: I took and made this month into an authors theme, Astrid Lindgren. I dont know I feel like her books are giving me spring feelings.

April: The tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

This month, May, I wanted to make a star wars theme. I know its not 100% a book or an author. But its been made many comics and books after the Movies realese. I myself isnt a huge star wars nerd but I do enjoy the story of them.

This month I have alot of books I need to read for work, just like I had durng March and April. I’m also Reading a few books I got for free from Eidelweiss+ in return of an honest Review. I dont mind giving honest Reviews on books to be honest. But I prefer it when im in charge what i read and authors dont slide into my DM and ask for a Review.

I get why they want Reviews and try to fish for them. But I find it very hard to go through all the DM’s i get both on my blog, instagram and Goodreads when its all requests.

I may love Reading but my work will Always come first and as a librarian I need to read most the books i present for the kids in school. After that I do ARC’s and after that my own reading.

Its kinda sad my own reading is so low on the list and that I dont Always read because I want to read the book but its rather a request or a must through work.

I have decided to only read books I want to read through summer. So during June and July its my own reading months and I will try to Catch up on my own Reading. Hopefully I can read some of the korean authors I been buying and piling up by my bed. Do you have anything you want to read this year or some book you are looking forward to lately?

But to get back to my TBR list of the month:

  1. I have started reading the series of Jack. Its by a Swedish author Martin Olczak. I Think its 14 books in the series devided into 4 parts. Its sadly not translated yet but all the kids at my school love these books. They just eat them up. I felt I needed to read them just to see what it is they are Reading and what to answer when they ask me “i want something like the jack books”
  2. A skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge – I’m not sure what to say about this book. I bought it for the YA at my work. I need to read it to present it in class. But I also love this uthor ever since I read “Well witched”.
  3. The furies by Katie Lowe – This is the same as the book above but I havent read anything by the author Before.
  4. Its my Life by Stacie Ramey – This is an ARC i got and I need to make a Review on later on. And it cought my Eye because I’m Always on the look out for books about diverse representation.
  5. I kissed Alice by Anna Bitch – This is Another ARC i got for an honest Review of it. I liked the plot that two in real life enemies are unknowingly lovers online but under other names. I also do enjoy lesbian romance books and have high hopes for it.

These are the 5 books I want to have read in may. I will probebly read alot more that I need to but these are the tops I feel like will come first on my Reading list of the month.

Next will be a couple of Reviews on books i recently read and want to talk a bit about.

What is a book you would recommend me? what is your favorite book at the moment that I just need to read?

What is a book you want to read in May?

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Much love,

Elin Adler


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